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5 major causes of engine wear caused by normal car operation

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How does Infinite solve the 5 major causes of engine wear caused by normal car operation


1, Corrosion and wear-After the fuel is burned in the engine combustion chamber, a large amount of harmful substances will be produced. Generally, every 100 gallons of gasoline will produce 1-5 pounds of ammonia and sulfuric acid. These substances will not only cause corrosion to the cylinder, but also The three piston rings (top, middle, and low rings) are stringed into the engine to corrode the main parts of the engine, such as camshaft crankshaft, cylinder block, etc., causing metal corrosion. This kind of corrosion will cause impurities to remain in the engine. It cannot be eliminated by using lubricating oil.


2, Corrosion and wear-After the engine is shut down, there is a high temperature cooling to a low temperature. This temperature change process will cause condensation inside the engine to accumulate water, which will cause serious metal corrosion to the engine, especially if the engine is restarted for short distance operation, the engine temperature When it’s too late to evaporate the water. The situation is even worse, and this is something that lubricating oil cannot solve.




3, Dust and wear-The engine needs to inhale a lot of air when it is burning. Even the best air filter device can hardly prevent dust from being sucked into the engine with the air. Due to the inhalation of dust, it will cause strong wear and this kind of wear cannot be completely eliminated. This kind of strong wear is more prominent, especially in areas with aridity, less rain, and a lot of wind and sand in our country.


4, Cold start wear-After the car engine stops for four hours, all the lubricating oil on the friction interface will return to the engine oil pan. At this time, the cold start, because the oil pump has not had time to knock down the lubricating oil to all parts that need to be lubricated In a short period of time, periodic loss of lubrication and dry friction will occur, which will cause severe abnormal wear of the engine. This type of strong wear cannot be solved by lubricating oil at all. Studies have even shown that this type of strong wear accounts for the total engine More than 70 worn out.


5. Normal wear and tear-it is the wear that occurs when the engine is running normally. After understanding the cause of engine wear, it becomes clear that the role of lubricating oil in reducing engine wear and tear is also clear, so infinite economizer products Was born.


How does the infinite protect the engine?

Infinite is based on the characteristics of the engine oil and the above reasons for wear. The R&D team has spent three years and invested 10 million yuan. After dozens of physicists, chemists and other professional scientific researchers plan design and research, and continue to experiment, a large number of products have been incorporated. Black technology elements, a reasonable proportion of the elements adjusted, and finally successfully developed a black technology product.

The Infinite Energy Saver can generate electromagnetic waves, energy waves, far-infrared waves, multi-level microwaves, etc. to the oil. It can activate the oil and arrange the oil molecules and ions neatly, so that the oil can form polymer nanoparticles, which can adhere to the lubrication. , Can be better attached to the various parts of the engine, chemical complex film and physical adsorption film will be formed on the metal surface during the engine operation, under the two actions to ensure friction and maintain a very small friction coefficient and heavy load Friction force to ensure that the friction parts are not worn, increase the airtightness of the engine piston, fully burn the fuel, reduce carbon deposits, and filter out the greasy and impurities that cannot be filtered out by the oil filter inside the engine, so that the oil remains in a pure running state , Reduce the wear of the engine at cold start, and protect the engine when the new car is new. The old car has an intelligent self-repair function to repair the oil burning and blue smoke when the engine is in the old car, so as to better protect the engine and make the engine lubricated. Smooth, reduce noise, increase power, save fuel, reduce carbon deposits, reduce pollution, etc., thereby also reducing the oil change interval (can be replaced between 10000KM-15000KM), reducing maintenance costs and saving time, better protecting the engine, and Extend the service life of the engine.



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