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What Is Precision stamping process

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Stamping is the process of using a press at room temperature to shear and deform a metal material with a mold to give it a desired shape.
Punch presses are a type of forging press. Cold presses include mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. Mechanical presses (punch presses) are commonly used.

Stamping process

Table of Contents

(1) Blanking and disconnection
Blanking: The process of separating the embryo of a workpiece from the material along a closed contour.

(2) Punching
Punching: The process of separating waste from the work piece along a closed contour to obtain the desired hole component.

(3) Convex / compression embossing
Convex / Compression: A stamping process that uses a punch to push one side of the workpiece and push the material into the opposite groove to form a protrusion.
Applications: a) Increase the strength of the product. b) Replace other components.

(4) Bending
Bending is a method of forming pieces of material into blocks of constant angle and shape. The material bends and deforms due to the action of the mold.

(5) Curl and flange rotation and wrapping
Crimping: A rounded object at the end of a plate, cylinder or round container or round container.
Flange: Flange processing is a stamping process in which the material has a short side edge along the contour curve.

(6) Counterbore hole: A tapered counterbore hole or a cylindrical counterbore hole can be pressed against the side surface of the hole with a mold. Usually used to assemble countersunk screws and remove burrs.

(7) Make a hole
Along the circular inner circumference, the material is converted to the side flange stamping process typically used for seats, tap holes.

(8) Partial cutting and bridge formation
Part cutting: The material is separated along the contour, but not completely the stamping process. The partially separated material has the specific position required for the workpiece and does not exist in a plane until separated.
Bridge forming: A stamping process that separates the material partially along an open profile rather than completely separating it. The material to be cut and separated is placed in a plane to be separated or substantially in a plane.

9) Deburring
Use a mold to remove sharp burrs in the incision.

(10) Deep drawing
The stamping process transforms a straight line or workpiece into a hollow portion, or further changes the shape and size of the hollow portion.
In the case of deep drawing, the hollow member depends mainly on the material located outside the bottom of the punch and flows into the mold.

(11) Disconnection
Cut the WA for a given cutting line to get some accurate shape

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