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Laser marking machine escort the pharmaceutical industry

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The pharmaceutical industry concerns people’s lives and health, and anti-counterfeiting has become the primary task of protecting consumers’ health and safety. For example, the FDA (FDA) has implemented medical product identification regulations and mandates that all product equipment must have a unique identification code (UDI), that is, medicines and component medical equipment must have an identification code.

The needs of pharmaceutical product manufacturers

In the pharmaceutical industry, identification codes mainly refer to medicines and medical devices. Because the inkjet marking method is easy to fall off and cause tampering, and often because the paint contains toxic substances and environmental pollution and other factors, it does not meet the safety standards of the medical industry. In such an environment, the medical industry urgently needs a processed product that is conducive to product supervision and safety and environmental protection, so as to prevent inferior merchants from mixing into hospital production and endangering human health. Therefore, a new generation of laser marking machine that adopts “non-contact” processing, green environmental protection, and anti-dropping-has become a new technology to subvert the medical industry.

Laser marking machines have brought benefits to the medical industry.

Laser marking by the physical removal processing method is not easy to wear and replace, and it has strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness, which facilitates the realization of “one drug, one code”, which is of great benefit to pharmaceutical product manufacturers. The system is perfectly integrated with the medical device product traceability system, which can guarantee the safety of the product to the greatest extent and prevent the product from being tampered with.

Application and research of drug laser marking method

The two-dimensional code and the drug regulatory code can be easily typed on the medicine box or the drug regulatory code, which is convenient for product traceability and has authenticity and traceability. The laser marking method is used to help the drug regulatory department to monitor the entire process of drug production, circulation, transportation, storage, and distribution.

Application of laser marking machine in medical equipment

The laser marker is used to mark medical equipment such as stainless steel surgery and dental equipment. It is easier to read. The marked image after repeated disinfection and cleaning is clearly visible, and it can effectively prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface of the equipment.

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