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What is the principle of hydraulic punching?

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Hydraulic punching operation requirements

The hydraulic press is currently the first fully automatic and intelligent servo electro-hydraulic compound press in the stamping equipment industry. Compared with traditional punching machines and injection molding machines, it is mechanically, controllable and functional. There are great breakthroughs. The hydraulic press adopts the self-developed double dead loop servo system control method, which is highly humanized, fully automated, intelligent and powerful.

What is the principle of hydraulic punching?

 hydraulic punching

The main advantages of hydraulic punching are as follows:

  • 1. Quick blanking: The traditional hydraulic press is characterized by high pressure and slow speed, so the work efficiency is not high. The servo electro-hydraulic press of the project technology has added the independent innovative servo structure design, the response speed is fast, the pressure can be quickly pressurized, the pressing speed can reach 400mm/sc or more, and the pressing effect is better than the ordinary mechanical punching machine. Used in the suppression of hardware or non-metal products, such as typical products such as aluminum extrusion, case, strap, glasses frames and parts, photo frames, tableware, signs, locks, auto parts and hardware parts.
  • 2. Stretching function: making a large number of metal deformation into a product process called stretching, stretching products are widely used in life, stretching products are generally completed by hydraulic presses, and traditional mechanical punching machines do not have this function; The hydraulic press can perfectly stretch various materials to form products such as cutlery, kitchen utensils, motor metal shells, underlays and lighting parts. In addition, it can be directly added to the latest touch screen technology. The parameters are set by using no mechanical contact technology, which is convenient to use and high in humanization.

working principle:

The design principle of the hydraulic press is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion. The main motor outputs the force, drives the flywheel, drives the gear, the crankshaft (or eccentric gear), the connecting rod, etc. through the clutch to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to The movement of the connecting rod is a circular motion.

There is a need for a circular motion and a linear motion transfer point between the connecting rod and the slider. The design has roughly two mechanisms, one is a spherical type and the other is a pin type (cylindrical type), and the circular motion is performed via this mechanism. Converts to a linear motion of the slider.

The hydraulic press applies pressure to the material to plastically deform it to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to match a set of molds (dividing the upper mold and the lower mold), placing the material between them, and applying pressure to the machine to deform it. The reaction force caused by the force applied to the material during processing is absorbed by the punching machine body.

Operational requirements:

As a professional operator of hydraulic punching machine, on the basis of mastering the performance characteristics of hydraulic punching machine, it should have strong self-discipline and emergency response capability. The operation requirements are as follows:

  • 1.There should be strong collaboration ability. When two or more people perform operational tasks together, coordination is very important.
  • 2.During the operation of the hydraulic punching machine, attention should be paid to the prohibition of inserting objects such as hands or tools into the danger zone. Small pieces should be operated with special tools.
  • 3.During the operation, if it is found that the press operation is suddenly abnormal or abnormal, the feed should be stopped immediately and the inspection should be carried out.
  • 4. Before starting the hydraulic press, check the machine. If it is found that the rotating parts are loose, the operating device is out of order, or the mold is loose or missing, stop the repair immediately.
  • 5.Every time a workpiece is punched during hydraulic press operation, the operator must leave the button or pedal to avoid damage.
  • 6.After the work is completed, the mold should be dropped first, the hydraulic press power supply should be disconnected, and the cleaning work should be carried out before leaving the workshop.

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Link to this article:What is the principle of hydraulic punching?

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