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The Trend Of CNC Machining Mobile Phone Metal Case

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Beginning in the second half of 2015, some people have predicted through data analysis that CNC machining of metal casings for mobile phones in China has overcapacity. Due to the failure rate of CNC machining and the unbalanced distribution of orders between large and small processing plants, the prediction result may be too early; but after a year of development, this prediction may have arrived! Facing new challenges, how should we adjust? The following three trends may help you a bit:

The Trend Of CNC Machining Mobile Phone Metal Case

Trend 1: 2016 all-metal thousand yuan machine may be detonated

At the end of October 2015, Meizu released the Meizu blue metal (priced at 999 yuan), bringing the full metal to a thousand yuan machine; a month later, Xiaomi released the Redmi NOTE3 (priced at 999 yuan), which is also all metal. If there are no accidents, compared with the later domestic mobile phones, no matter what, it will be all metal on the thousand yuan machine with gritted teeth! Thousand yuan phones have a huge market in China, so this year all-metal phones will be detonated, and they will be metal on a large area.

Comment: Due to price restrictions, the thousand yuan machine mainly adopts +CNC technology, namely die-casting +CNC (Meizu metal), stamping +CNC and forging +CNC, etc. Of course, full CNC orders have a long process and are highly profitable, and they are more in the hands of large manufacturers; small and medium-sized factories can combine their own characteristics and focus on +CNC orders.

Trend 2: Mobile phone glass and ceramic backplanes often require higher-priced ultra-thin stainless steel/aluminum middle frames

China Merchants Securities: PTJ Precision’s metal structure revenue in 2015 exceeded 2.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 160%. The main customers are VIVO, OPPO and Xiaomi. In 2016, OPPO’s share is expected to increase significantly, and hopes to enter the high-end devices such as Huawei Honor and LeTV. Type, and high-end customers such as foreign Amazon, LG and MOTO. We judge that the metal case business in 2016 is expected to continue to grow at a high rate and reach 4 billion sales. As for the future trend of mobile phone glass and ceramic backplanes, which the market is worried about, they will often use higher-priced ultra-thin stainless steel/aluminum middle frames. On the contrary, demand will increase, which is not a concern. In addition, the company’s small metal parts in Apple’s layout have also made progress and performance gains, especially in the areas of Mac and motor small parts.

Trend 3: Wearable devices have great demand for CNC

Mobile phones are now the mainstream market, but there is another market that cannot be ignored: wearable devices, shields, connectors, and structural parts can all be used in this market. Compared with smart phones, the current market size of wearable devices is still very small. It is precisely because of their small size that they have great potential for development. The development of wearable devices is also very fast, and there are many variables. However, this market is indeed a market worth looking forward to. Market.

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