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The Technology Range And Machining Accuracy Of Combined Lathes

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The Technology Range Of Combined Lathes

The combination lathe is mainly used for two types of processes: plane machining and hole processing. Plane machining includes sharp plane, pigeon (profit) plane, car end face;

The Technology Range And Machining Accuracy Of Combined Lathes

The Technology Range Of Combined Lathes -PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

Hole machining includes drilling, expanding, reaming, hole drilling, chamfering, grooving, tapping, Ming sinking, rolling holes, etc. With the development of integrated automation, its
The technological scope is expanding to the outer circle of the car, planetary milling 4l, broaching, pushing, grinding, Qi grinding and polishing, stamping and other processes. In addition, you can finish
Non-cutting work such as welding, heat treatment, automatic assembly and inspection, cleaning and parts classification and printing.
Combined lathes are in large quantities in the light industry such as automobiles, tulip machines, diesel engines, electric motors, instrumentation, military and sewing machines, bicycles, etc.
It has been widely used in production; some small and medium batch production enterprises, such as machine tools, locomotives, construction machinery and other manufacturing industries have also been promoted application.
The combination lathe is most suitable for processing all kinds of large and medium-sized box parts, such as cylinder head, cylinder block, gearbox body, motor base and instrument shell, etc.
It can also be used to complete part or all of the machining of parts such as bushings, roulettes, yokes and cover plates.

The Machining Accuracy Of Combined Lathes

1.Hole machining

>1 Dimensional accuracy of holes
    When using reaming holes or official holes, the accuracy of the holes can reach H6 level, and the surface roughness is Ral. 65m. The roundness of the holes is within half of the tolerance of the hole size. When machining non-ferrous metals. Using precision fixtures. After 3-4 machining, the precision can reach H6 level and the surface roughness can reach RaO. 8^-RaO. 45mo
>2 The coaxiality of the hole
    05mm。 When machining from two sides multi-axis. The coaxiality of the hole is generally 0. 05mm. When carrying out fine holes from one side, and using fixed fixtures, there are precision guides at both ends of the tool bar. Under the condition of good accuracy, the harness is within 1000mm length. 03mm。 The coaxiality of several holes of the processed parts can be guaranteed within 0. 015 ^-0. 03mm. When performing uniaxial machining from the holes on the same axis on both sides, the coaxiality can also be guaranteed under the condition of intermediate precision guide installation. .015-0. 03mm,
>3 Parallelism of holes
    Machining on the combined machine tool. The parallelism between the holes and the holes and the parallelism of the machining base surface when the holes are. At 1000mm length
Up to 0.02^-0.05mm,
>4 Position of holes
    The position accuracy of the hole has a great relationship with the fixture, machine type and accuracy. 025-0. 05mm。 On the machine tool of the fixed fixture, the hole, the distance between the holes and the position of the axis of the hole and the positioning base surface can be accurately set to 0. 025-0. 05mm. On multi-station machine tools, due to the positioning error of the rotary table or rotary drum, the machining accuracy is not high. 05mm。 If in the same station. When the hole with a hanging movable template for finishing, its position accuracy can reach ± 0. 05mm. When performing hole machining on different stations separately, the accuracy is low. When machining with vertical multi-station rotary table machine tool, the accuracy can reach ± 0.1mm. When machining with drum wheel machine tool. Its accuracy can only reach ± 0. 2mm. Even lower. When drilling on the same station, the position accuracy is generally within ± 0. 2mm. 15mm. When drilling on a machine tool with a fixed drilling template, its accuracy can reach ± 0. 15mm.
>5 Verticality of the hole
02mm. For machining holes on a combination machine, the centerline can be perpendicular to the base surface and perpendicular to the centerline of another hole to a deviation of 0. 02mm within a length of 100mm.
>6 Threaded hole accuracy
    Threaded holes are often used on combined machine tools for tapping and die mounting. If the lubrication conditions are good, 7-level precision threaded holes can be processed on cast iron parts. The surface roughness is Ral. 65m,
    The accuracy of the threaded hole is based on its bottom hole when tapping. With the influence of other errors, it is slightly lower than the drilled bit five. It can generally reach ± 0. 25mm. When the machine tool accuracy is higher, it can be achieved Taxi 0. 15mmo

2.Plane Machining

In the combined machine tool and its automatic line. Commonly used milling 41. *1 41, turning and pulling 411 and other methods to machine the plane. Milling generally uses sharp cutting heads, slide tables, slide seats and other general components. According to the process requirements of the workpiece to be processed, it forms a single-sided, double-sided, vertical, rotary table and other types of combined milling machines. When machining large-scale box-type workpieces, a layout type in which a sharp cutting head is fixed and the workpiece is installed and moved on a work table is generally adopted. Such a machine tool has a simple structure, good rigidity, and high machining accuracy. When machining small and medium-sized workpieces, the milling 411 heads are usually combined into a drum-type combined milling machine or a vertical continuous rotary table milling machine. This type of machine tool has high production efficiency and low machining accuracy.

The flatness of the machining plane on the combined machine tool can reach a deviation of 0.02-0.05mm within a length of 1000mm. The surface roughness is Ra3.25m. The parallelism of the positioning base can be guaranteed. Within .05mm. The distance to the positioning base can be dimensional tolerance
Guaranteed within 0. 05mm.

3.End machining

Multi-axis machining. The method of using the power slide to stay on the dead gear. 25mm。 Its machining accuracy can reach 0. 15^-0. 25mm. Uniaxial machining. A special structure is used. The end of the machining makes the top of the dead gear on the surface of the workpiece to be processed, and the general accuracy can reach 0. 08-0. 10mm. When the condition is good. Accuracy can be guaranteed. . 02-0. Within 045mm.

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