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The Mold Parts Need Your Careful Maintenance

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The Mold Parts Need Your Careful Maintenance

The maintenance of continuous molds must be done carefully, patiently, step by step, and must not be blindly engaged. When repairing the mold due to failure, a material belt should be attached to facilitate the inquiry of the problem.

Open the mold, compare the material belt, check the mold condition, confirm the cause of the failure, find out the problem, and then clean the mold before removing the mold. When removing the mold, the force must be uniform. 

For the mold structure where the discharge spring is between the fixed plate and the discharge plate and the discharge spring is directly on the inner guide column, the disassembly of the discharge plate must ensure that the discharge plate is balanced and ejected. The tilt of the discharge plate may cause the punch in the mold to break

1. Convex and concave mold maintenance

When disassembling the male and female molds, pay attention to the original condition of the mold, so that it can be easily restored during subsequent mold assembly. If there is a pad or shift, the thickness of the gasket should be engraved on the part and recorded. To replace the punch, try to insert the unloading block and the die to see if it is smooth, and whether the gap between the insert and the die is uniform, and whether the gap between the die and the punch is even when changing the die. After grinding the punch, the punch is shortened and the gasket needs to be added to reach the required length. It is necessary to check whether the effective length of the punch is sufficient. It is necessary to find out the reason for replacing the broken punch, and check whether the corresponding concave mold has chipping and whether it needs to grind the cutting edge. When assembling the punch, check whether the gap between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is sufficient. If there is a press block, check whether there is room for movement. The assembling die should be placed horizontally, and then set it with a flat iron block such as a copper rod on the die surface to tap it in place. Do not place it obliquely and force it in. The bottom of the die should be chamfered. After installation, check whether the concave die surface is even with the die surface. After assembling the punch and die core, check the material belt to check whether the parts are installed incorrectly or reversely. Check whether the die and die pads are reversed, whether the blanking hole is blocked, and whether new parts are needed. Stealing materials, whether the material needs to be stolen is enough, and whether the mold needs to be locked tightly. Pay attention to the confirmation of the locking of the stripper plate screw. When locking, it should be cross-locked from the inside to the outside with a balanced force. Do not first tighten one screw and then lock the other screw, so as to avoid the stripper plate tilting and causing the punch to break or The accuracy of the mold is reduced.

2. Maintenance of unloader

The disassembly of the unloading plate can be balanced with two screwdrivers first, and then use both hands to balance the force to take it out. When it is difficult to disassemble, check whether the inside of the mold is cleaned, whether the locking screws are completely disassembled, whether the mold is damaged by jamming, find out the reason and then do the corresponding treatment, and do not blindly dispose of it. When assembling the unloading plate, clean the punch and the unloading plate first, add lubricating oil to the guide post and the introduction of the punch, put it in steadily, and then press it in place with both hands, and repeat it several times. If it is too tight, find out the reason (whether the guide post and the guide sleeve are oriented normally, whether there are damages in various parts, whether the new punch can pass the unloading plate in the correct position), find out the reason, and deal with it accordingly. If there is a press block on the fixed plate, check whether the material is stolen on the unloading back plate enough. The material contact surface between the unloading plate and the die is stamped for a long time to produce indentation (the gap between the unloading plate and the cavity is generally the thickness of the material minus 0.03-0.05mm. When the indentation is serious, it will affect the pressing of the material Accuracy, resulting in abnormal product size, instability, etc., need to repair or re-grind the discharge insert and the discharge plate. The contour sleeve should be checked for accuracy. When it is not equal, it will cause the discharge plate to tilt. Its precision The guiding and smooth spring-loading function will be destroyed and must be maintained

3. Guidance inspection

The clearance between the guide post and the guide sleeve, whether there are burns or wear marks, and whether the oil supply state of the mold guide is normal, should be checked. The wear of the guides and the destruction of precision reduce the precision of the mold, and problems will occur in various parts of the mold. Therefore, proper maintenance and regular replacement are necessary. Check the accuracy of the material guide. If the guide pin is worn out, it has lost the proper accuracy and function of the tape guide and must be replaced. Check the condition of the spring (discharge spring and ejector spring, etc.) to see if it is broken, or if it has not been broken after long-term use, it has been fatigued and lost its original strength. It must be maintained and replaced regularly, otherwise it will cause damage to the mold. Or production is not smooth

4. Adjustment of mold gap

The mold core positioning hole is worn out due to frequent and multiple combinations of the mold core, resulting in large gaps after assembly (looseness after assembly) or uneven gaps (positioning deviations), which will cause the cross-sectional shape to deteriorate after punching. , The punch is easy to break and produce burrs, etc., which can be adjusted by checking the condition of the section after punching. When the gap is small, the cross-section is less. When the gap is large, the cross-section and the burr are large. A reasonable gap can be obtained by shifting. After adjustment, it should be properly recorded. Marks can also be made on the edge of the die to facilitate Follow-up maintenance operations. In daily production, attention should be paid to the collection and preservation of the original mold in the best condition. If the subsequent production is not smooth or the mold changes, it can be used as a reference for mold maintenance. In addition, the auxiliary system, such as whether the ejector pin is worn, whether it can eject the material, whether the guide pin and the bushing are worn, should be checked and maintained.

There is a weekly plan, a monthly plan for the mold, or a maintenance plan by measuring the number. Adhere to the mold maintenance plan, mold life will be doubled.

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Link to this article:The Mold Parts Need Your Careful Maintenance

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