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The Main Function Of The Computer's Common Interface

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Computers for home or office use generally have many interfaces. I believe many friends are familiar with some interfaces. For example, the USB interface is the most common, and there are also some HDMI interfaces for external monitors. You may not know its name, but you should have seen it. Or that kind of interface form. Of course, computers have many kinds of interfaces, with different shapes and different functions. Today, the editor will give you a comprehensive explanation about the computer interface.

Computer interfaces mainly include power input or output, signal input or output (DI/DO), which are used to connect to a variety of devices, such as monitors, printers, cameras, mice, keyboards, scanning modules, and other external mechanical devices. Such as industrial computer, with abundant I/O interface.

The Main Function Of The Computer's Common Interface

USB interface

The USB interface is one of the most common interfaces in our daily life. USB is the abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus in English. It is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. Since Intel, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Microsoft, NEC, Northern Telecom and other computer companies and communication companies established in 1995, USB has evolved from version 1.0 to version 4.0. The current mainstream on computers is USB2.0 and USB3. .0 These two versions.

USB has the advantages of fast transmission speed, convenient use, support for hot plugging, flexible connection, independent power supply, etc. It can be connected to a variety of peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and mass storage devices. Such as our common U disk, mouse, keyboard, USB interface printer, etc.

Network Interface

The network interface is also called the network port, which is generally exposed to the computer case in the form of RJ45. The main function of the network port is to send or receive data. We can understand the network interface like this: a computer is equivalent to a house, and the network port is a door, mainly for communicating with the outside world. The office computer network port is a motherboard with only one. If it is an industrial computer, the requirement for network ports is 2 or more.

Network ports are divided into 10M, 100M, 1000M, etc. according to the transmission speed. At present, many computers use 100M network speed (the transmission speed is also related to the network cable and the purchased network service). For optical fiber networks, it is generally above 1000M.

The network interface chips used by different computers are different. At present, the mainstream ones use Intel network port control chips. For the pursuit of high cost performance, some use Realtek network port control chips from Realtek, Taiwan, China. In terms of stability, Intel network ports have better compatibility and performance, especially industrial computers. They often use Intel network ports to control chip network ports. The specific needs depend on personal requirements.

DVI interface

The full name of DVI is Digital Visual Interface, which is a kind of digital video interface. For old computers, the DVI interface is often used to connect the display screen, but the DVI interface is used less and less in the computer.

VGA interface

The full name of VGA is Video Graphics Array, which is an analog signal interface for video graphics array. It has 15 pins in three rows, each with five pins. At present, many devices are defined by VGA interface. It has high resolution and display. Advantages such as fast speed and rich colors. The VGA interface is installed with double screws, which has good stability and is especially suitable for some industrial scenes with high vibration. Therefore, many computers still have a special liking for the VGA interface.

HDMI interface

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, the full name is High Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a digital video and sound transmission interface that can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. The emergence of the HDMI interface is to replace the older analog signal video and audio transmission and transmission.

HDMI is a dedicated digital interface suitable for image transmission. At present, LCD TVs and computer monitors mostly use HDMI interfaces, which can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, and the maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps. HDMI currently has copyright issues and needs to pay copyright fees. The cost of HDMI cables produced by many manufacturers is a little higher than that of VGA.

COM interface

COM interface is a kind of serial communication port. Generally, there are 9-pin D-type connectors and 25-pin connectors, with a maximum rate of 115200bps. COM interface is generally also called COM serial port, including RS232, RS485, RS422, etc.

Old-fashioned computer COM interfaces are mainly used to connect serial mice, modulators, game consoles, and keyboards. At present, these functions have been replaced by USB interfaces. However, there are still some industrial equipment controls on the market that require COM interfaces, so industrial computers generally have multiple COM interfaces.

Headphone and microphone interface

For computers, which require multimedia audio output, a headphone jack is a must. Sometimes there are requirements for the equipment to record, and there is also a recording hole. At present, many computers have two holes on the back, one green is the headphone jack, and the red one is the microphone jack. With the current technological development, the headset and microphone interface can be merged into one.

Mouse keyboard interface

The PS/2 interface is designed with purple and green round holes, which is an interface designed for keyboards and mice. PS/2 has strong compatibility, but does not support hot plugging. Some old-fashioned devices need to restart the computer when replacing the mouse and keyboard, which sometimes damages the computer. Another problem is that the PS/2 pins are not designed for frequent plugging and unplugging. Yes, the stitches are prone to bend or even break if they are used too much.

Before 2008, many mouse and keyboards were connected via PS/2 round holes. As notebook computers become more and more popular, in order to save space, many computers are currently abandoning the PS/2 interface and choosing a more general USB interface.

Power output interface

Some computers are equipped with a 220V power supply, so when the power is input, a 3-core interface with a long hexagon is used. If the external power supply is converted from 220V to 12V or 19V, a DC power input with a core built in a round hole is generally used.

Of course, in order to enhance the stability of the base, the power input of some industrial computer manufacturers is generally changed to 2PIN lock pattern input or 4Pin pressure input, depending on the manufacturer’s product manual.

GPIO interface

GPIO is called General-purpose input/output, short for general-purpose input and output. GPI is a switch analog signal from the computer to an external device, and GPO is an analog signal from the external device to the computer.

Personal office computers generally have very few GPIO interfaces. For the industrial field, GPIO is a common interface. Its main function is to carry out remote serial communication or control, and it is also one of the devices for weak current control and strong current.

In general, there are many forms of computer interface, which are not introduced here. In general, these common interfaces are also commonly used interfaces. The main function is voltage input or information input and output to maintain normal communication and control between the computer and external equipment.

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