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Sharpening of drill bits

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Sharpening Of Drill Bits

A twist drill is a tool that drills a round hole of a work piece by rotating cutting relative to a fixed axis. It is named after its spiral flute with a spiral shape resembling a twist. Spiral grooves have 2 grooves, 3 grooves or more grooves, but 2 grooves are the most common. Twist drills can be clamped on manual, electric hand-held drilling tools or drilling machines, milling machines, lathes and even machining centers. The bit material is generally high-speed tool steel or cemented carbide.

Sharpening of drill bits

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Some people proposed to sharpen twist drills in the background. Today, I will give everyone a free time. Twist drills are an important tool in mechanical processing. They are no less important than all kinds of tools. The entry of the hole turning tool.

Sharpening of drill bits

Most of the lathes used are large drills of more than 16 and made of high-speed steel. As mentioned in the previous article, the U-drill and macro program are sometimes used to drill G83 deep hole drilling macro programs. And CNC milling or machining centers occasionally use alloy drills during competitions.

Sharpening of drill bits

In practice, not many of the latter two are used for drilling, most of them are high-speed steel, especially for drills above 16, the cost is too expensive, only high-speed steel can be used, drilling is a consumable, when ordinary drilling processing The drilling speed should not be too high, which has high requirements for cooling. If drilling is too fast, it will easily cause burning of the drill, resulting in a decrease in hardness and the inability to continue to drill the workpiece. At this time, we are required to sharpen the twist drill. The sharpening of the twist drill is a kind of technical work. If you grind it well, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

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Link to this article:Sharpening of drill bits

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