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Our Industrial Computer Sometimes Very Hot In Use?

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After receiving our industrial computer, many customers will conduct a systematic test on it, such as running a program, turning the CPU to the maximum and the memory to the maximum, they will find that the external casing of the industrial computer will be very hot. What is the reason for the high heat output of the industrial computer?

Our Industrial Computer Sometimes Very Hot In Use?

First of all, we start with the structure of the industrial computer. Our industrial computer is of all-aluminum alloy structure and is fully sealed. There is no internal fan to dissipate heat. Therefore, it is normal that there is some heat outside the housing of the industrial computer. Prove that the CPU or other electronic materials can conduct heat out of the body during work, thereby protecting the normal operation of the industrial computer. In addition, the following points may cause excessive heat generation of the industrial computer, such as:

1. The heat of the high-performance processor is too high

At present, many industrial computers with good airtightness use low-power processors, but for some special customer applications, the processors use high-end processors, such as Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which consume more power and produce A lot of heat. If you are using an advanced CPU, the heat will be higher. We have already considered the heat dissipation performance before R&D, and will also make corresponding temperature tests before leaving the factory, so you don’t need to worry about it.

2. In a sealed working environment

Since the inside of the industrial computer is a fully sealed structure, heat will be discharged out of the body during operation, but if the industrial computer is installed in a fully sealed machine environment without any air circulation outside, the temperature of the environment will continue to rise. This will affect the normal operation of the industrial computer. We recommend that customers ensure a certain airflow when installing the industrial computer. For example, it is best to add a small fan when installed in a cabinet.

In general, as long as the heat generated by our industrial computer products can be radiated to the body normally, and there is a certain air flow in the environment, there is no need to worry too much about the case of the industrial computer being very hot.

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Link to this article:Our Industrial Computer Sometimes Very Hot In Use?

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