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​Service Process of Plastic Product Manufacturers

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The plastics industry occupies an extremely important position in the world today, and the production of plastic products has developed rapidly all over the world for many years. Statistics show that the output of plastic products in my country has always been in the forefront of the world rankings, a variety of plastic products have been ranked first in the world, and my country has become a major producer of plastic products in the world.

 Plastics, synthetic rubber, and synthetic fibers form the three major synthetic materials that are indispensable in daily life today. Compared with metal, stone, wood, plastic products have the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity, and are widely used in the national economy. Of course, the development of the plastics industry is driven by the efforts of plastic product manufacturers. Plastic products can be seen everywhere in our lives, but when it comes to plastic products manufacturers, you may not be very familiar with them. In this article, the editor will take you to learn about plastic product manufacturers, to see what types of plastic products they have, and what is the related service process.

1. Product design and plastic mold customization

Anyone who has read the article “The Relationship Between Injection Molding Process and Plastic Molds” knows that custom-made plastic products are the process by which plastic products manufacturers customize and process unique products for customers. The reason why it is called a unique product is that different industries have different customer needs. Every customer may have a unique product idea. Most of them have seen such products in other places in China or abroad. You need to imitate or add your own design elements to innovate. At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with plastic product manufacturers to allow manufacturers to redesign the product structure and engineering drawings that need to be customized according to their own needs.

In fact, many plastic product manufacturers can design and develop some products independently, but the types of products that most manufacturers can develop are very limited. They often only focus on a sub-industry in the plastic processing industry. To meet the needs of customers as much as possible. And some manufacturers have relatively weak technical strength, their business is limited to the production of a few products, and their design and R&D capabilities are extremely limited. These two kinds of plastic product manufacturers are the objects that customers must not choose to cooperate with. They cannot master the relevant technology well, let alone solve the problem of plastic product processing for customers.

The design and manufacturing capabilities of plastic molds are one of the indicators to comprehensively test the core competitiveness of a plastic processing enterprise. Because plastic mold design includes all core plastic processing technologies, companies must master enough and mature technologies to evaluate customer needs from all aspects and provide customers with feasible and cost-effective plastic processing solutions.

In addition, a perfect plastic mold is the most important factor for a company to produce high-quality products. If the plastic mold is not completed at the beginning, it is very troublesome to modify the plastic mold later, and the product produced by the modified mold is not It may be of good quality. Therefore, the design of plastic products and the manufacture of plastic molds can be used to measure the technical strength of a plastic product manufacturer. Not only can they use technology to solve the processing problems of plastic products, but they can also explain them to customers in easy-to-understand language. Which technology solves which problems for you. In this way, the customer’s doubts are dispelled, the problem is solved, and the success of this order is not far away.

2. Product design and mold customization quotation

Plastic product design includes product design and product packaging design. Generally speaking, plastic product design work is given free of charge by plastic product manufacturers. First, use unique technical concepts and cost-effective solutions to attract customers, let them know that we can solve all the problems for you, and then proceed. The rest of the business communication.

Some people may say that the cost of product design has been rubbed into the final quotation by the manufacturer. In fact, for a technically comprehensive plastic product manufacturer, the design work is relatively easy. The cost of plastic product design is far less than the cost of plastic molds, and the design work is only a foreshadowing of plastic mold manufacturing, although there is no design link. If you want to make a mold, you need to make a design drawing first, so customers don’t have to worry about the manufacturer asking for more money for product design.

The quotation of plastic molds is not understood by many customers. Generally, when quoting, it is necessary to know the customer’s product specifications, materials, order quantity, etc. in detail to determine the approximate price of plastic molds. Why isn’t the detailed price here? Because the mold of a plastic product must be determined strictly according to the process difficulty of the product and the order quantity. The structure of the plastic product determines the process difficulty of the plastic mold, and the customer’s order quantity determines the number of cavities of the plastic mold. Among them, the number of plastic mold cavities is determined according to the customer’s demand and the production efficiency of the production equipment. The manufacturer has only one goal, and that is to complete the batch of tasks handed by the customer as quickly as possible. So they have to go through careful consideration and strict calculations to be able to give customers the most accurate quotation.

The manufacturing cost of plastic molds is usually relatively high, but you don’t have to worry too much about it, because you can communicate with the manufacturer and ask the manufacturer to return the mold cost when the order quantity of the product reaches a certain amount. If your order quantity is large enough, the general manufacturer is happy to agree to your request. As for the amount set by the manufacturer, each company is different.

3. Customized service for samples

The above is the processing process when the customer does not have a sample, but if the customer can provide physical samples of related products, then the work can be much easier for the plastic product factory, as long as the mold is designed and manufactured according to the specifications, materials and processes of the samples. Yes, there is no need to communicate with the customer to understand the customer’s processing requirements in detail.

For customers, if you already have a physical sample and only need the factory to imitate it or change it slightly, it is best to take the sample to the manufacturer and talk to the technicians, so that the manufacturer can quickly give an accurate quotation.

​Service Process of Plastic Product Manufacturers

4. Molded samples

To put the mold sample bluntly, it is to use the made mold to produce a sample to see the effect and quality. If the customer is satisfied and pays the full payment, the manufacturer takes the mold and enters the next production link. If the customer is not satisfied and raises an objection, the manufacturer modifies the mold again and conducts a mold trial.

5. Mass production and single product price

There is no need to say much about mass production. As long as the plastic mold passes the customer’s review, it can be brought to the factory for mass production. If the design of the number of cavities is reasonable, the high-speed production equipment can be supplied in one time within a few days.

The price of a single product is actually the most concerned issue for customers. For the existing products in the manufacturer’s inventory or products with ready-made molds, we can directly quote for customers. However, it is difficult to make a single product quotation on the spot without detailed calculations for the customized service of plastic products. Because the price of a single product is based on the weight, processing difficulty, material, and order quantity of different products. As you can see, the price of a single product of a customized service requires many considerations to make an accurate quotation.

So how can customers get a more accurate single product price? If you are consulting by phone, it is difficult to get a very accurate single product price for customized service (also depends on what kind of product it is). If you can give details such as product specifications, gram weight, order quantity, etc. Information, online quotation can be relatively accurate. However, plastic processing manufacturers suggest that customers still need to have face-to-face interviews with them. Manufacturers would rather spend some time and effort to visit customers and have a good chat with them, rather than make quotations on the phone or online at will.

6. Printing and packaging logistics services

General plastic packaging manufacturers can provide simple printing services, and their quotations are also uneven, depending on the types of colors used, the number of plates, and so on.

Packaging logistics service manufacturers generally can fully comply with the needs of customers, such as the specific size of the customer’s warehouse, what the environment is, whether special packaging protection is required, and so on. In this regard, customers can communicate with the manufacturer to solve the problem. Good packaging can protect the goods during transportation.

Digital intelligent technology is a common enabling technology for product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation, and profoundly reforms the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry, and is the core technology of the new industrial revolution. Lightweight technology will bring significant convenience to the development of the plastics industry. Plastic product manufacturers should seize the opportunity, improve themselves, and keep up with the development trend of intelligence. In the future, the application of lightweight materials in automobiles, airplanes, and rail transit will become more and more extensive; precision is a manifestation of advanced molding technology in the plastic products industry, which is of great significance to the industry; clean production and ecologicalization , To open a new step for the plastics processing industry to save energy and reduce emissions.

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