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What is an instant reaction

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Instant response. The so-called “instant response” refers to the fact that during the process of negotiation with customers (including telephone, fax and face-to-face meetings), business personnel often do not have time to deliberate on the various issues involved in the transaction, and can only react in an instant. The comprehensive ability of the business staff in many aspects should be concentrated in just a few seconds. If the response is too slow, the possibility of a deal will be greatly reduced.

The reason is that in the process of years of development of the auto parts marketing industry and its evolution into a buyer’s market, in the process of market competition and extensive communication of information, not only has it created many auto parts marketing talents, but also created a large number of high-level customers who buy parts. They are dominated by full-time purchasers from auto repair plants. Fang Xin tacitly said: the customer is comparing with multiple merchants, the salesperson is comparing with other merchants. For example, what if the stock is not complete. If the versatility between the salespersons is familiar, it is expected to solve the problem of no common parts, but know which merchant With this price, there is the possibility of “splicing”. When lowering prices than the households, the salespersons only have to be familiar with the market and have a good grasp of the yardstick, so as not to damage them or scare away customers. Ability and its training methods, the aforementioned characteristics of the auto parts marketing industry are generally not comprehensive and thorough.

However, based on this, the knowledge structure and abilities prepared by the practitioners can be summarized as follows: proficient in automotive professional knowledge, with the ability to read foreign languages ​​in the industry; proficient in the business of auto parts marketing, proficient in the specification of auto parts, and proficient in computer operation skills. Database and other knowledge; have the ability to extensively use information, familiar with industry and peer companies and related market products, and the ability to use all aspects of knowledge and information on the spot, and the ability to drive motor vehicles proficiently;

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