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There have been many new changes in internal combustion engine lubricants

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In recent years, in order to adapt to the new development of internal combustion engines, internal combustion engine lubricants have also undergone many new changes. New lubricating oil products continue to come out, imported products flood the market, the original brand names have been changed, and the old ones are phased out. There are many varieties, brands and specifications of internal combustion engine oil in the petroleum market. In the face of new concepts and new situations, how to correctly select internal combustion engine oil is of great practical significance for improving engine power and economy, reducing mechanical failures, prolonging mechanical service life, and saving fuel and lubricating oil. Internal combustion engine lubricating oil is also called engine oil, usually referred to as engine oil. It is widely used in mobile and other stationary agricultural machinery engines such as tractors, automobiles, and agricultural transporters. The internal combustion engine oil must have suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature, oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, rust-proof and anti-foaming properties. Only by correctly selecting internal combustion engine oil according to the actual situation, can the oil lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing, and anti-rust (protection) functions be fully utilized to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

According to the engine type, the engine oil can be divided into gasoline engine oil, referred to as gasoline engine oil (including four-stroke gasoline engine oil and two-stroke gasoline engine oil); Oil for diesel engines); general purpose motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines, referred to as general purpose motor oil for gasoline and diesel. According to the season, it can be divided into two categories: single-grade oil and multi-grade oil. Single-grade oil can only be used in a certain season or a certain area, such as engine oil in summer and engine oil in winter; multi-grade oil can be used in different seasons and different regions. According to the viscosity of engine oil, China has joined the WTO, and all walks of life are gradually in line with international standards. In order to meet the needs of production and use, in order to facilitate international technical exchanges and foreign trade, China has made new regulations on the classification standards and product brands of internal combustion engine oils in accordance with the actual conditions of engine manufacturing and lubricant production in accordance with international standards.

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