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The effect of the oncoming wind in the actual operation of the car

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The heat release coefficient of water is the mathematical model of the performance of the claw radiator. The tube-fin radiator is taken as the research object, and the unit is analyzed. The working condition of the tube-fin radiator can be regarded as the non-contact cross flow of water and air through the rectangular straight ribs. The heat transfer phenomenon of the wall surface is tested. Radiator matching optimization calculation The current optimization goal of the water flow rate in the tube is summarized as a design solution with the smallest value that meets the given requirements and constraints.

For a given heat dissipation and the size of the radiator limited by the front structure, there may be several combinations of different radiator core materials, wind speed and water flow rate to meet the heat dissipation requirements. The heat dissipation capacity will increase, but at the same time it will increase the material consumption and wind resistance. The power consumption and noise of the cooling system mainly come from the fan. Therefore, this article uses the product of the power consumption of the radiator in w and the material consumption* to be small. Establish a calculation formula for the optimal target. Computer program flow chart of the relative error of heat dissipation. The matching and optimization of the radiator includes parameter modification, performance calculation and selection of qualified schemes, as well as the selection of the best scheme. These tasks are all programmed by the computer, and the relative error of heat dissipation depends on the situation. Adjustable.

There is an oncoming wind in the actual operation of the car. The accuracy of the computer program calculation depends on the accuracy of the mathematical model. There is a certain deviation between the mathematical model of this article and the actual problem, but the deviation is not large, and the trend is always consistent. The computer optimization design method in this paper basically reflects the actual situation of the inspection and analysis of a car, and can be used for the actual design and analysis of similar vehicles.

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