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The effect of engine oil on unburned gasoline

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Engine oil deteriorates due to the influence of combustion components (moisture, NOx) in blow-by gas and unburned gasoline. Therefore, by adopting the PCV system with improved ventilation performance to adequately ventilate the inside of the engine, the service life of the engine oil can be prolonged. At the same time, it can also reduce the renewal rate of engine oil and reduce the amount of fuel used for disposal after exhaustion.

As an estimate of the amount of engine oil deterioration, the total acid value comparison based on the presence or absence of the PCV system is listed in Figure 23. The temperature distribution of the inner wall of the cylinder at the top dead center position of the first seal ring when the temperature distribution of the inner wall of the cylinder is turned. Traditional cylinders have poor cooling performance between the cylinders because the cylinders are connected in one place. In actual operation, the deformation caused by the temperature difference of the sleeve is relatively large. However, with this structure, the sliding range of the piston ring of the sleeve can migrate to the surroundings for cooling, so that the temperature distribution during actual operation is balanced. The semi-wet cylinder liner structure is a kind of cast iron cylinder liner pressed into the thick aluminum die-cast cylinder body at room temperature, which can realize energy-saving production.

Serious refrigerant leakage The external reason that the compressor cannot rotate is that the refrigerant is severely leaked, and the low-pressure protection switch works so that the compressor cannot start. In use, if it is suspected that the compressor cannot be rotated due to severe refrigerant leakage, the manifold pressure gauge can be used to check the system pressure. If the readings of the high and low pressure gauges are zero, it indicates that there is a rupture in the pipeline, or the fusible alloy in the fusible safety plug has melted, or the individual pipeline joints are not tightened and leaked.

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