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Test results of solder tear strength

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  Dongfeng Motor Company’s radiator widely estimates that the cost can be saved by replacing one ton of low-tin solder with one ton of n-one. The plant consumes hundreds of tons of solder annually. The annual consumption of solder in the radiator industry exceeds ton. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the consumption will become larger and larger. Therefore, in the later period, the research and development of low tin solders started in China. Analysis of the existing low-tin solders in China. With the decrease of tin content, tin-lead solders have three adverse effects on the worsening of solderability. , The melting point of the solder increases. The toughness and physical and chemical properties of the brazing filler metal deteriorate. The date is the total issue of the Journal of Hubei Automotive Industries Institute.

Therefore, other alloying elements must be added to compensate and improve. The United States is adding single metal silver, and the effect is very good. However, it is not feasible in our country. The low-tin solders developed in China are generally filled with rare earth elements. Some developers also add various alloying elements such as bismuth and antimony. The developed low tin solder is economically feasible and meets the requirements in terms of mechanical properties. However, the poor brazing performance brings certain difficulties to production and application. In order to use low-tin solder in production, the production process is greatly changed. One is that production is not allowed to stop and reform, and the other is that the process is changed and the production cost is increased. The gain is not worth the loss. Make some adjustments to improve the brazing performance through various comprehensive effects, so that the low-tin solder can be used in the production of radiators. Laboratory experiment analysis In order to guide the experiment on the production line, the laboratory experiment follows the following principles. The experimental conditions are as close to the actual production as possible. Use the tin-containing solder used in the current production and the low-tin solder with tin content, and compare the experiment under the same conditions. Find out the gap between the two kinds of solders through experiments, and find out the corresponding improvement measures at the same time. The bonding strength of solder and base material After using low tin solder, the structure of the original product cannot be changed. That is, the bonding strength of low tin solder and base metal cannot be lower than that of high tin solder and base material.

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