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Talking about the matters needing attention in the use of winter tires

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Since winter tires have some special designs, there are also many precautions in use. In this article, we will briefly introduce the precautions for use of winter tires for netizens.

1. Replace all four at the same time

When changing tires, remember to change four tires at the same time, because partial replacement will cause uneven adhesion between the four wheels and the ground during use, which may cause potential safety hazards.

2. Regularly check tires

The owner of the car, Ms. Wang, is very careful when using the car. She will always check whether there is any debris in the tire pattern. Once there is debris, she will immediately clean it up. “I think the tires are really like your own feet. If there are debris in the tire tread, you will feel bumps when driving. In order to make the tires longer life, and for the safety of driving, it is recommended that the car should be cleaned frequently. Drop the debris in the tread pattern.”

3. Winter tires cannot be used in other seasons

In order to save money, some car owners will use winter tires as four-season tires all year round. As everyone knows, this is a very dangerous behavior. Because of the difference in the material and pattern design of winter tires, the noise and fuel consumption of winter tires on normal roads will increase significantly, which will increase the cost of the car. In addition, the speed limit of winter tires is lower than that of four-season tires. Therefore, The limit speed will be affected. Therefore, it is very inappropriate to use winter tires in summer.

4. Winter tires *high speed per hour is lower than all-weather tires

Compared with all-weather tires, winter tires use different formulas, so the material is relatively soft, and the tire grooves are relatively wider and deeper, which can provide stronger grip and slip resistance on icy and snowy roads. Formally for safe driving, winter tires The designed maximum speed is lower than all-weather tires. Therefore, car owners cannot drive like all-weather tires.

5. Winter tires cannot be used to the limit of wear

All tires have a wear mark at the tread depth of 1.6mm. This mark is a rubber column placed inside the large tread. It is called a “tread wear mark”. Next to the mark is the abbreviation of “tread wear mark”. TWI”. Under normal conditions of use, the place where the tire wear reaches this mark indicates that the tire needs to be replaced.

6. Winter tires should increase tire pressure appropriately

It is easy for car owners to overlook that in winter, low temperature will affect tire pressure. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, as the temperature decreases, the tire pressure value will also decrease. At this time, the tire pressure can be appropriately increased to compensate for the weakening of the friction between the tire and the ground and the weakening of the braking performance. However, over-inflation will also cause tire grip to decrease, which affects the comfort of handling. Therefore, the inflation pressure of the tire should not be too high.

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