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Summer car maintenance tips

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Protect the paint surface: In summer, the temperature rises and the sun often explodes. The paint surface of the car is obviously bad. For owners who care for the face of their car, they must pay attention to protecting the paint surface of the car, and often wash and wax the car. If you want to protect your car’s paint surface more thoroughly, if you want to protect it more thoroughly, it is recommended to make a lacquer glaze or coating, and put a layer of “crystal protective clothing” on the paint. .

Prevent evaporation: The temperature in summer is higher, and the evaporation of oil and water will increase. Therefore, the oil tank must be covered tightly and the oil pipe must be protected from oil leakage; always check the water level of the water tank, the oil level and height of the crankcase, and the brake head. The brake fluid level in the pump and the electrolyte density and level in the battery. In case of non-compliance, add and adjust in time.

Prevent tire puncture: In summer, the road temperature is higher, and the use environment of automobile tires is even worse. Therefore, we must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of automobile tires, and regularly check the tire pressure to prevent tire punctures.

Check the brake system: Summer is the rainy season. The wet road in the rainy season reduces the friction coefficient between the tire and the road. Especially when there is water in the tire pattern, the friction coefficient is lower. A sensitive brake system is particularly important. Therefore, check the brake system from time to time and try to be as prepared as possible.

Keep the car clean and tidy: In the summer when driving windows, all kinds of harmful gases and pollutants will adhere to the seat and ceiling of the flannel fabric fabric, so they should be cleaned frequently. The instrument panel, door trim and other plastic parts should be cleaned with a brush and universal cleaner. In order to prevent surface cracking and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation, a layer of surface wax can be applied after cleaning.

Prevent overheating of the body: the high ambient temperature in summer makes the engine easy to overheat. Therefore, in summer, the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system should be strengthened, including the water tank, thermostat, water pump, fan, etc., and the cooling water should be filled in time. When the water temperature exceeds 100°C, stop in a cool place to cool down, let the engine run at idle speed, and open the engine hood to facilitate heat dissipation.

Prevention of auto-ignition and self-detonation: In addition to some of the design failures of certain models, improper operation or hidden dangers are also the main causes of auto-ignition because of the high temperature in summer. The failure rate of its own has also increased greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the inspection of the car, focusing on the inspection of the car’s oil and electricity lines, and if the line is aging, it should be repaired in time to prevent the occurrence of spontaneous combustion.

Poor lubrication prevention: In summer, the temperature is high, and automobile lubricating oil is easy to be heated and thinned, which makes its anti-oxidation performance worse, easy to deteriorate, and even causes malfunctions such as burning bushes and axles. Therefore, the quantity and quality of the lubricants should be checked frequently and replaced in time. At the same time, lubricants of different brands should not be mixed.

Correct use of air conditioners: In summer, the temperature rises, and the importance of air conditioners suddenly appears. When using air conditioners, you must pay attention to the following items, otherwise it will easily damage the air conditioner or cause unnecessary waste of oil and electricity.

Prevent the mixture from being too thick: Due to the high temperature, gasoline is easy to flow, and due to the expansion of the metering hole, the flow of gasoline is increased, and the gasoline is easy to evaporate, causing the mixture to be too thick. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the amount of holes, adjust the position of the accelerator and the throttle rocker arm, and appropriately lower the oil level of the float chamber to reduce the oil supply.

Pay attention to “antifreeze”: In summer, some people think that antifreeze is not available and can be replaced with ordinary tap water. In fact, this approach is inappropriate. The professionally formulated antifreeze is not only resistant to low temperature, but also has excellent high temperature resistance. High-quality antifreeze can only be “boiled” when it is close to 200°C. Using antifreeze in summer, car owners will not be easily troubled by the “boiling” of the water tank. In addition, antifreeze also has anti-rust and descaling effects. Therefore, the original antifreeze is still needed in summer, which can play the role of “heatstroke prevention and cooling”.

Use air-conditioning skillfully: Open the windows for ventilation before entering the car, and at the same time turn on the outer circulation, and then turn on the air-conditioning after the hot air in the car is exhausted, so that the cooling effect is faster and better. When the vehicle speed is lower than about 25km/h, the air conditioner should be placed in a lower gear to prevent insufficient power generation and air-conditioning. When driving on a rainy day, the window glass is prone to fogging, which affects the line of sight. At this time, as long as the wind direction is adjusted to the windshield direction, the compressor is turned on to send air-conditioning, and the purpose of effective defogging can be achieved within a few seconds.

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