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Some Suggestions on Gear Hobbing with Micro Lubrication

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1. Air source condition: Doppel external spray type micro-lubrication device uses compressed air as the power to drive the micro pump. At the same time, the lubricant needs to be atomized by compressed air and sprayed to the cutting area, so the compressed air pressure (4-8bar) ) And cleanliness are the prerequisites for obtaining good processing results.

2. Lubricant: Lubricant plays a role of lubrication during the cutting process, and its atomization effect directly determines whether the cutting area is sufficiently lubricated. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the viscosity of the lubricant. Too viscous lubricant is not conducive to atomization, and it is also necessary to ensure that the lubricant is clean.

3. Match with the machine tool: At present, most of the gear hobbing processing adopts numerical control machine tools, which have high cutting efficiency and fast speed. Therefore, a micro-lubrication device is required to adapt to this high-speed cutting and has a fast response time. The Doppel external spray micro-lubrication device adopts a concentric tube device, which can produce oil mist immediately after starting the machine, and the reaction speed is fast.

4. Cutting tools: The temperature of micro-lubrication processing is slightly higher than that of wet cutting. Therefore, cutting tools with heat-resistant coatings are required to ensure the durability of cutting tools and ensure cost reduction.

5. Nozzle layout: The form of gear hobbing is a combination of multiple motions. This requires minimally lubricated nozzles to effectively cover the cutting area. Doppy’s engineers can help.

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