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Small assemblies of imported cars begin to enter the market

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The advantage of car overhaul is that it reduces the number of days in the factory and improves the efficiency of the car’s operation. In order to combine the current repair system in our country and maximize the performance of the car, we propose a new repair method: small assembly interchange repair method. Utilize our country’s unique repair skills to provide small assembly parts of imported cars to the market by repairing old and reusing waste or importing old parts. The old is exchanged for “new”. This “new” means that the function is restored after repair. Of small assemblies. In this way, it is very cost-effective economically. Only with the above concepts can a more detailed analysis of the market be carried out.

Imported cars have to go through the process of understanding from being unfamiliar to mastering performance from being put into use to overhaul. On the whole, each new model of imported car always needs one or two years of understanding. During this period, almost all repair parts are imported. These are mainly Type A parts. After this recognition phase, it is expected to be available. Maintain the golden period of operation for 4 to 5 years. Although maintenance parts have also increased correspondingly, as long as the relevant links are well coordinated, it will generally not affect the function of imported cars.

Heavy-duty vehicles for mines may need to be updated in 6 to 8 years, and small passenger vehicles may operate normally for 15 years. Different vehicle types and their quality should be considered comprehensively. During the entire life cycle, a major repair should be carried out, and it is best not to carry out a second major repair before scrapping. The international trade convention is that within 10 years after the supply of the car or within 10 years of the suspension of production of this type of car, the exporting country shall bear the obligation to supply repair parts. In fact, it is not economical to replace new parts, especially replacement parts, in the last stage of the life cycle of imported cars, and there is no need to import maintenance parts. Countless examples have shown that the import and supply departments will take great risks to operate such model parts that will be eliminated.

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