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Oil-air lubrication of high-speed spindle bearings

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The use of <strong>electric spindle</strong> is the basis of high-speed machining, especially for high-speed machining machine tools, the good operation of <strong>electric spindle</strong> is especially important. The establishment of possible problems is detected as early as possible to avoid the problems from expanding. Choosing a highly reliable <strong>oil-air lubrication device</strong> is one of the key factors to improve bearing life and operational reliability. Traditional grease lubrication is simple and easy to use, but it is suitable for low-speed spindles. The use of <strong>electric spindles</strong> will restrict the processing speed and accuracy. If you choose thin oil lubrication, the problem of spindle temperature rise cannot be ignored, and it is also easy to pollute the environment. <strong>Electric spindle</strong> The oil-air lubrication technology uses gas-liquid two-phase flow to deliver lubricating oil to the position of the bearing rolling elements through compressed air, which can meet the requirements of high-speed operation of the electric spindle. <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Air-air lubrication timing and quantitative: Timing is to give oil per unit time, and quantitative is the amount of lubricating oil accurately transported by the micro-pump. Too much or too little oil will cause over-lubrication and under-lubrication, too much will cause too much heat when the electro-spindle rotates, and too little oil will not get a good lubrication effect, so timing and quantification are very important! Compressed air can take away the heat generated on the high-speed electric spindle and play a cooling role. In practical applications, compressed air needs to be dried and filtered to remove moisture and dust impurities. <br /> The advantages of using oil-air lubrication for high-speed electric spindles: <br /> 1. Improve processing efficiency, machining accuracy, and electric spindle life; <br /> 2. Oil-air lubrication belongs to micro-lubrication, which saves energy; <br / > 3. The compressed air takes away heat and plays a very good role in cooling the bearing; <br /> 4. It can realize ultra-high-speed operation; <br /> 5. The working environment is not demanding, and in the harsh dust environment, It can also exert its effect better when polishing and grinding;<br />

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