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Minimal lubrication for sawing aluminum ingots

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The purity of high-purity aluminum ingots is as high as 99.99%, high viscosity, not easy to saw, high energy consumption, high noise, unstable high-speed feed, and prone to problems such as clamping and punching. These problems will cause high equipment downtime. The large consumption of spare parts, especially the large loss of saw blades, will increase the processing cost and increase the labor intensity of the operator. Under the condition of cutting fluid, the high-precision sawing process requirements for high-purity aluminum ingots can no longer be met, and a large amount of cutting fluid is used to seriously pollute the environment. Because the residual cutting fluid in the sawing ingot head can easily cause product quality defects during reheating, so The lubrication method using cutting fluid for sawing is not sustainable.

The new micro-lubrication method has its unique characteristics. It does not need to be cleaned after sawing. The lubricating oil used for cutting has good biological degradation characteristics, which not only ensures the machining accuracy and the surface quality of the sawing section during the sawing process, but also It also effectively reduces the wear of the saw blade, so that the loss of the saw blade is greatly reduced. The principle of the sawing micro-lubrication system is to use a micro plunger pump to deliver a precise amount of lubricating oil to the U-shaped nozzle arranged on the saw blade. An oil film is formed between the aluminum ingot and the aluminum ingot to reduce the generation of frictional heat. In addition, the high-speed compressed air can not only take away the cutting heat, but also blow away the debris. The large oil droplets ejected at high speed are not atomized, so the oil and gas mixture will not diffuse in the air and affect the production environment, and the oil film formed by the used lubricating oil has strong adhesion and will not be separated due to the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation The saw blade, thereby achieving lubrication and cooling, and ensuring the surface quality of the sawing section. Among them, the position of the nozzles needs to be as close as possible to the cutting area, and the number of nozzles also needs to be changed according to the diameter of the saw blade.

The size of the oil droplet particles and the degree of aggregation on the saw blade have a direct impact on the formation of the lubricating oil film and the lubrication effect of the saw blade during cutting. The factors that affect the oil droplet particles are: the pressure of the compressed air, the flow rate, the amount of lubricating oil and the attachment. Focus, nozzle distance, etc. Therefore, stable compressed air pressure and reasonable adjustment of the amount and supply of lubricating oil per unit time are required in production in order to obtain good oil droplets. The setting of the oil supply frequency determines the consumption of the oil volume. The oil supply principle is that the single oil supply is small, and the oil volume is increased by increasing the frequency. The sawing micro-lubrication can not only exert the efficiency of the sawing equipment, but also will not cause waste. The application of micro-lubrication technology for sawing of high-purity aluminum ingots shows excellent lubrication performance, which further improves the processing efficiency and processing quality on the basis of the existing technology. The problem of rapid wear of the saw blade caused by the use of cutting fluid is solved, the service life of the saw blade is prolonged, and the consumption cost of the saw blade is reduced. It also prevents the cutting fluid from causing harm to the electrical system.

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