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Measures to avoid bearing wear

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Bearing wear; foreign matter mixed into the bearing; incorrect pump installation and alignment; vibration introduced by the external pipe network; surge. The operation control of the gear grinding machine is a closed control system composed of a synchronous coupling board, a control board and a motor. This closed control system is the control core, and the start of the motor is related to it.

The failure phenomenon is that the grinding wheel and the workpiece motor can be started at the same time, but the hydraulic system of the machine tool suddenly stops working shortly after operation. From the stop and reverse inspection of the hydraulic motor, it was found that the relay in the control circuit was powered off and the motor power supply contactor was disconnected, which was the direct cause of the failure.

The main function of the synchronous coupling plate is to keep the output speed of the motors used in the two transmission chains with different transmission ratios in the stepless speed change synchronously. Its working principle is to directly output a control signal to the control board through a variable resistor, and automatically fine-tune the control signal of the control board by comparing the feedback of the two motors to achieve the purpose of motor speed regulation and ensure the synchronous increase and decrease of the grinding wheel and workpiece motor speed. When the coupling plate is working, the feedback signals of the grinding wheel motor and the workpiece motor are controlled by the logic circuit. When the two feedback signal waveforms differ by about a period, the switch is disconnected and the motor stops, thereby protecting the equipment.

Coupling board working conditions: After the AC and DC power supplies are fed into the coupling board, the switch on the coupling board should be closed, indicating that the preparation for synchronous coupling is complete. After pressing the telex button, direct current is introduced into the coupling board, indicating that the motor control board is checked correctly. After pressing the work button, the drive coupling board sends start command signals to the two motor control boards to start the motors.

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