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Matters needing attention in tire maintenance

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“Keep a car first, raise tires”, this is a truth that many car owners know, but what can be done in terms of tire maintenance to maintain the tires to the greatest extent and ensure a higher safety factor? Today, I mainly introduce the problems that car owners should pay attention to in the maintenance of tires in their daily lives.

First of all, the tire pressure must be accurate. The standard tire pressure of tires is about 2.2-2.6bar. Excessively high tire pressure can easily increase tire wear and may also cause tire punctures, while too low tire pressure will increase fuel consumption and the bumpy feel of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the tire pressure can be lower in summer and higher in winter.

The car owner can prepare a tire pressure gauge. The best time to measure the tire pressure is to get up in the morning and measure the tire pressure before starting the vehicle, because the tire will completely cool down after 4 hours of driving. The measured data at this time *precise. The standard tire pressure of the tire is generally near the door. Compare the standard value with the measured value. If it is too high, let go of some air, and vice versa.

Secondly, pay attention to four-round rotation. If the vehicle is running off-track, the steering wheel is sinking, and the tires are worn on one side, these phenomena are reminding the owner to immediately adjust the four-wheel alignment of the vehicle. Due to the steering wheel of the vehicle, the front wheels wear faster than the rear wheels. In order to prolong the service life of the tires, the tires are rotated regularly so that the tires wear evenly. Auto repair experts recommend that a front-wheel drive vehicle should perform a four-wheel shift every 8,000 kilometers.

In addition, keep the tires clean. Owners need to regularly check whether there are stones and other foreign objects in the tread grooves of the tires. If they have to clean them up by themselves, but if they are spiked objects such as iron nails, they need to seek help from a professional maintenance agency. Check whether the sidewall of the tire is punctured or punctured, and whether the cord is exposed. If so, replace the tire in time. At the same time, pay attention to the warranty period of the tires. The service life of the tires is generally 2-3 years or about 60,000-100,000 kilometers. The tire should be replaced immediately when the tread depth is 1.6mm (*low wear). Tires that have exceeded their shelf life (especially spare tires, which have a spare tire life of approximately 3 years), have their overall performance reduced.

As the saying goes, “Tire three-point nutrition, five-point use, two-point installation.” In fact, the service life of tires is affected by other factors such as weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle technical conditions, etc., in addition to wear and mileage. The owner needs to check the tires of the car more. At the same time, we remind car owners that the repaired tires should be more careful and more inspections are required.

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