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Matters needing attention in daily maintenance of tires

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When it comes to car maintenance, many car owners think of engines and tires, and the small wheels make us completely overlooked, but we must know that the quality of the wheels is related to the quality of the car’s tires, and thus the safety of our lives. , So the small wheel hub also needs our maintenance, so if the wheel hub is damaged due to our improper maintenance, how do we repair it? The editor below will give you an introduction.

Matters needing attention in daily maintenance of tires:

1. When the temperature of the tire is high, it should be allowed to cool down before cleaning. Do not use cold water to clean it; otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be damaged, and the brake disc may even be deformed and affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum alloy wheels with detergent at high temperatures will cause chemical reactions on the surface of the wheels, loss of luster, and affect the appearance.

2. When the tires are stained with hard-to-remove asphalt, if general cleaning agents are not helpful, try to remove them with a brush, but do not use a brush that is too hard, especially an iron brush, to avoid damage to the surface of the wheel hub. Some experts have introduced a remedy for removing tar: using medicinal “activating oil” for rubbing, which can get unexpected results. Car owners may wish to give it a try.

Slight scratches can be repaired by yourself:

**Step: Clean the hub. We can use paint thinner to wipe around the scar to remove dirt. The deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove the dirt, so you can use a toothpick to clean it thoroughly. When cleaning, in order to prevent unrelated parts from being painted with paint by mistake, please carefully stick the adhesive tape around the scar.

The second step: The owner arranges the brush tip, paints a finishing paint on the damaged part of the wheel hub, and then after the paint dries, it is slightly protruding for the owner to observe.

The third step: After the main finishing paint of the car is completely dried, apply water-resistant paper with soapy water to smooth the surface. Then use the mixture to wipe out the light, and then apply wax after the treatment.

Fourth step: If the car owner finds a deep scar on the wheel hub, and must observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust, and can concentrate on applying the finishing paint. Use the tip of the pen to go up little by little, and then wait for the paint to dry completely. If you find that the metal is exposed, it should be replaced.

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