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Maintenance knowledge of car interior

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Regarding the maintenance of the interior, many car owners may think it is nothing, and will not care too much. But in fact, car interiors are closely related to health. In a relatively sealed space, it is easy to cause damage to the body if improperly handled. Let’s take a look at the maintenance knowledge about the interior.

Full interior cleaning: In strict accordance with the trilogy of dust removal, cleaning and maintenance, the instrument control panel, ceiling, rear cylinder platform, seat, floor lint, inner door panel, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. The whole process is carried out by four staff. Operation takes about two and a half hours.

Rear tank platform: Car owners usually stack tissue boxes, dolls, car pillows and other debris on the rear tank platform. Paper towels and pillows are often taken by people sitting in the car, so the rear tank platform is cleaned and dusted. Also sloppy. The cleaning method can refer to the instrument control panel.

Seat: The seat is the interior part that the owner touches *and * is easy to get dirty. Therefore, the maintenance of the seat is to put a cloth seat cover on the outer cover of the seat, and prepare another set, which can be replaced and cleaned at any time . The second is to try to avoid food or liquid knocking over the seat, especially alcohol or fragrance items. Once they are stained, if they are not cleaned for more than 12 hours, these stains will be difficult to remove. The third is to try to avoid metal objects scratching the leather surface. The fourth is to regularly use leather cleaners and maintenance agents for cleaning and maintenance to prevent leather aging, fading, and cracking.

Floor velvet: When the local velvet is soiled, it cannot be removed from the car, which brings great difficulties to the cleaning work. Therefore, most car owners choose to go to a professional car beauty shop for cleaning, and usually lay a foot pad on the floor velvet. , It is convenient for daily cleaning.

Leather protection: The professional car beauty shop is equipped with a complete set of leather care tools, and different tools are selected for different parts to operate. In addition, professional leather protection has certain requirements on the dosage of detergent and maintenance agent, because the excess liquid agent will remain on the leather surface to absorb dust in the air and pollute the environment in the car.

Steam sterilization: In addition to comprehensive high-temperature sterilization of the air in the car, professional steam sterilization also performs key sterilization treatments on the air-conditioning outlets, seats, and underfloor areas in the car that are likely to accumulate dust and bacteria to ensure complete Kill those mites, molds and microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, and protect the health of your family and yourself.

Instrument control panel: The instrument control panel* is easy to accumulate dust and has many dead spots. The owner can use a brush to clean the instrument panel, air-conditioning air inlet, switches, buttons, etc. every day to prevent accumulation of dust and difficult to remove.

Ceiling: The ceiling is a place that is relatively easy to overlook, and once it is cleaned, liquid residue is bound to drip on the seat or carpet. Recommendation: Usually, car owners can use a car vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and then thoroughly clean the roof when the car beauty shop does a comprehensive interior maintenance.

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