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Illegal phenomena in our city’s auto parts market

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Due to the fact that various business departments go out of business, no one manages them, and there are no strict rules and regulations and management methods, the purchase channels are chaotic. Some have no certificate and no manufacturer’s mark, and even accessories produced by poorly equipped family workshops. Into the market. Due to the lack of appropriate testing methods, product quality cannot be guaranteed, and fake and inferior products flood the market, which seriously affects the safety of vehicles and the quality of vehicle repairs.

Some accessories such as various induction plugs can’t reach the repair standard even after changing four or five. A box of bulbs only has one or two qualified products. ……The products are of low quality and high prices, which virtually increase the consumption of vehicle parts and put a lot of burden on transportation companies. There are also some operators who purchase some processed auto parts in batches from units such as troops or loading plants and social inventories for sale, so that some scrapped products also flow into the market through such channels. They usually use some improper business methods to make huge profits. It has been seen that they eat rebates, issue fake invoices, evade taxes, and supply the items needed by purchasers, such as lighters, quartz watches, high-end cosmetics, cameras, etc., which are sold together with auto parts. Into a normal phenomenon.

Some purchasers even publicly stated that the daily necessities and household items needed, such as washing machines, seats, etc., can be purchased under the name of auto parts. They ask for prices at will, and the prices are chaotic. The price of imported accessories is even more frightening. The price of a Crown taillight is more than 1,200 yuan, which is several times or even dozens of times higher than its value. These illegal operations have disrupted economic order, corrupted the workforce, and corrupted the social atmosphere.

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