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How to save fuel in a car

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Don’t turn on the warm air when the car is warm in winter

“How can my car save fuel in winter?” In response to many private car owners’ questions, we invited Liu Yiquan, Manager of Maintenance Technology Department of Zhejiang Baotong Automobile Co., Ltd., to answer everyone’s questions.

Q: Why isn’t fuel consumption lower in winter than in summer?

Liu Yiquan: The main reasons for the consumption of oil in winter are: 1. The viscosity of the oil used for lubrication in winter will increase, which will increase the engine load, which is manifested as a waste of oil; 2. Due to the low outdoor temperature, the hot car time will increase accordingly, which requires more consumption. More fuel; 3. The engine needs a higher temperature for normal operation. In winter, many car owners drive when the engine does not reach the operating temperature. If the fuel is not fully burned, it is easy to form carbon deposits and cause high fuel consumption. 4. Idling hot car, because when the engine temperature is lower than the normal working temperature, the engine will increase the fuel injection and change the ignition advance angle to maintain the temperature.

Q: Does it cost gas to turn on the heater in the car?

Liu Yiquan: Turning on the heater consumes fuel, but it’s not like turning on the air conditioner in summer. Air-conditioning and refrigeration require the use of compressors, and the operation of compressors consumes more fuel. The principle of heating the air in winter is different. Instead of using a compressor, it uses the temperature of the engine’s coolant to heat, that is, the heat released by the engine itself is blown into the compartment through a blower. Although the operation of the blower requires electricity, it will increase the engine load and consume fuel, but it is far less than the fuel consumption when the air conditioner is turned on in summer.

But when you just start the car or when the car is still warming up, do not turn on the warm air, because the engine is not hot yet, and cold air is blowing in, which consumes power in vain and increases the load on the engine. Do not turn on the heater when idling.

If you want to save fuel and heat, it is recommended that the owner can turn on the external circulation after driving to 40-50 yards. The fresh air flowing outside the car will also pass through the heating water tank, which will bring heat.

Q: How to start the car in winter to save fuel?

Liu Yiquan: *Well, let the car warm up for a minute or two, then start slowly, warm up the car while driving, and then reach the normal driving speed. In short, try to be slightly longer than usual. If it takes too long to warm the car in place, the fuel consumption is also very high.

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