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How to properly start and warm up the vehicle during the Spring Festival

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Now that the temperature has dropped sharply, “hot cars” have become the focus of discussion. In many people’s minds, they always think that when using the car early in the morning, after starting the car, the car will be warmed up at idling speed and wait a few minutes. This is right. Vehicles are *beneficial. In fact, it is not. More than 90% of the wear and tear of engine components is caused within three minutes after the car is started. Let us discuss how to warm up the car and the necessity of warming up the car.

How to properly start and warm up the vehicle before the Spring Festival

The composition of the engine lubrication system

First of all, let’s understand the lubrication system of the engine. The lubrication system of the engine is mainly composed of an oil pump, an oil filter, an oil radiator and an oil cooler. In the cold start, we are involved in the oil pump. After we energize the vehicle, the oil pump will start to work to deliver the oil from the oil pan to various friction surfaces.

Engine lubrication diagram

When the engine is working, many transmission parts move relatively at high speed with a small gap, such as crankshaft main journal and main bearing, crank pin and connecting rod bearing, cam journal and cam bearing, piston, piston ring and cylinder wall surface. , Each movement pair and transmission gear pair of the valve mechanism. Although the working surfaces of these parts have been finely processed, they are bumpy when zoomed in.

The function of the engine lubrication system

The main functions of the engine lubrication system are: lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, anti-corrosion, hydraulic pressure and shock absorption.

And today’s topic mainly reflects the role of lubrication and shock absorption. An oil film is formed on the surface of the moving parts to lubricate the surface of the moving parts to reduce resistance and wear, reduce the power consumption of the engine, and absorb impact to reduce vibration.

The lubrication method of the lubrication system

The lubrication methods of the lubrication system mainly include pressure lubrication, splash lubrication and regular lubrication. What we have to achieve when the car is hot in winter is to get the engine fully lubricated. After the oil pump sends the oil to the friction surfaces, we must rely on splash lubrication to make the engine fully lubricated.

splash lubrication

Splash lubrication is a lubrication method that uses oil droplets or oil mist splashed by moving parts of the engine to lubricate the friction surface. It can be exposed to the outside to bear the lighter load of the cylinder wall, the piston pin with a lower relative sliding speed, and The cam surface and tappet of the valve mechanism are lubricated.

Why do you want to warm up the car

After the vehicle is parked for a long time, the oil in the engine will flow back to the bottom of the oil shell under the engine. Therefore, after long-term unused or overnight in winter, the upper part of the engine is in a state of no oil and lack of lubrication when the vehicle is started. In the situation, it takes about 30 seconds after the start of the engine that the oil is transported to the piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and other parts of the engine* that need to be lubricated through the operation of the oil pump and splash lubrication, but even if the engine is started, it will be on the road. As long as you don’t slam the accelerator and keep running at low speed, the effect is the same as idling.

Engine working environment

Before the engine reaches the working temperature, it is between 90-110 degrees. Due to the low temperature, the fuel supply system cannot effectively gasify the gasoline. When the gasoline is not gasified and is liquid, it is not easy to burn. , Which will form carbon deposits.

Engine carbon

The lubrication of gearbox gears is *not easy to understand and *easy to be overlooked. Transmission gear oil is similar to engine oil: when the car is cold, the gear oil flows back to the lower part of the gearbox. Only when the vehicle moves, the gear oil at the bottom will be transported to the upper part of the gearbox due to the operation of the gears to make it lubricated.

This is why the car should be moved. The gearbox does not have a gear oil pump. Only the engine is moving in the in-situ heat car, and the rest are at a standstill. This situation can only be improved after the vehicle has been in motion for a period of time.

Buick caring car butler warm reminder: Some drivers, in order to save fuel, when driving at high speed or downhill, slide the shift lever to the N gear, which is likely to burn the transmission. When it is really necessary to slide down a long slope, the shift lever can be kept in the D block to slide, but the engine should not be stalled.

The correct way to heat up the car

In-situ idling hot cars are affected by temperature and idling, causing insufficient gasoline combustion and easy formation of carbon deposits. Insufficient fuel can easily lead to serious exhaust emissions exceeding the standard, which virtually increases the load on the three-way catalytic converter.

The correct way to warm up the car is to drive slowly on the road after starting the vehicle for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not accelerate rapidly at this time. Keep the vehicle speed at a low speed and control the engine speed at about 1000 rpm. Wait until the engine temperature rises to normal operating temperature. After that, drive according to daily habits.

Fuel supply system of EFI car

Today’s vehicles on the market are basically EFI. Because EFI vehicles are different from old-fashioned petro-fuel vehicles in the past, the fuel supply system of EFI vehicles is completely controlled by the engine’s ECU module, and its control system is not affected by air flow rate and temperature. Influence. Therefore, as long as the oil pressure increases, the water temperature reaches about 50 degrees.

Diesel car tachometer

If it is a diesel vehicle, some vehicles need to add some accelerator when starting to catch fire. Some diesel vehicles need to press the heat button for 30-50 seconds before starting the vehicle, which is better for ignition. The fuel door is only for older diesel vehicles. Generally, gasoline vehicles do not need to fuel the fuel door, otherwise it will increase fuel consumption and damage the engine.

Safety inspection before driving

When driving, we must maintain good driving habits. Before starting, we must first check the appearance of the vehicle, the chassis, tires, etc. for scratches, and whether the tires are flat or not.

At the same time, check whether the coolant and brake fluid levels are between the maximum and minimum scales.

Engine inspection

Do test the engine in the car. When starting the engine in a cold car, it should start smoothly. The time should not exceed 5 seconds each time. It can be started once or twice after ignition. The engine speed after starting should be stable, without shaking, and without abnormal noise.

Engine inspection

Changing the engine speed too much should be smooth, and the corresponding pointer on the instrument panel should react sensitively. When accelerating. The engine should be free of sudden explosions, misfire, backfire, and firing. When it is stable at a certain speed, the engine should have no abnormal noise, and the corresponding pointer of the instrument panel should be stable without obvious fluctuation.

The engine should run smoothly

When the vehicle is running, after the engine has been running at low, medium, or high speed for a period of time, keep the engine running at idle speed for a certain period of time to see if the engine is stable and whether there is jitter or noise. At the same time, observe the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe outlet at the rear of the vehicle. Smokeless and tasteless.

Listen to the state of the engine while driving

Driving in winter is itself a test of the vehicle. Correctly warming up the vehicle before driving to make the vehicle have a good driving condition is the primary prerequisite for developing good driving habits, and it can also guarantee our driving safety to a large extent.

Buick Caring Car Butler Warm reminder: For some novices and female drivers, “hot car” is still a rather vague concept. Although the EFI car does not affect the driving when the car is not hot, the life of the engine will be seriously affected over time. Therefore, to develop the habit of “hot cars” in winter will also help us reduce the cost of keeping a car invisibly.

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