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How to improve the battery life of electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles are a trend of automobile development in the world today, but electric vehicles have not yet been widely used. *Recently, a survey by experts from the China Electric Power Research Institute showed that many people believe that the biggest bottleneck in the current development of the new energy electric vehicle market is the lack of battery life. High, the company’s willingness to produce also declines. So, how should we improve the battery life of electric vehicles?
First of all, increase the battery capacity. Calculations by professional organizations have shown that only the battery life of more than 300 kilometers can new energy electric vehicles be truly commercialized. The battery capacity is positive with the battery’s volume and quality, so there is a contradiction: the battery is too heavy, and the mileage will definitely not be increased; the battery is too light, and the battery capacity cannot be increased. The key to improving the cruising range lies in the breakthrough of battery technology. Lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are currently the mainstream technology, have congenital defects such as large size, heavy weight, slow charging, and short battery life. Therefore, there is still a long way to go before the requirements for commercialization.
The second is to coordinate and resolve the mutual influence between electric vehicles and the grid. The impact of large-scale access of electric vehicles on the power grid is mainly divided into power quality impact, power supply capacity impact, and peak-to-valley difference impact. According to calculations, slow AC charging has a small impact on the distribution network, and fast DC charging has a greater impact on the distribution network, which may cause local overloads and line congestion in the grid; if there are not enough charging stations, it will cause The peak value on the node where the charging station is set up is too heavy, and in severe cases, it may exceed the capacity of the transformer, causing great harm to the grid; the disorderly charging behavior of large-scale electric vehicles in time and space will increase the peak of the electric load Phenomenon, increase the peak-to-valley difference of the power grid.
The third is to focus on the construction of charging stations and fast charging piles. Just as petrol vehicles need to build gas stations, rechargeable vehicles also urgently need to build charging stations. The fast charging of electric vehicles angers instantaneous powerful power and electricity, which cannot be met by conventional power grids, and a dedicated charging network must be built. The solution to the charging problem is that a car needs to be equipped with two batteries. When one battery is used up, it will automatically switch to the other. At this time, the used battery will be replaced at the switching station and the fully charged battery will be installed. The replaced batteries are uniformly charged and maintained by the power station, together with auxiliary methods such as parking lot charging piles, which play a positive role in the further promotion of electric vehicles.
Therefore, the endurance of electric vehicles is the bottleneck of the development of electric vehicles. We must accelerate the development and application of electric vehicles and grid interaction technology to realize the orderly charging and orderly discharging of large-scale electric vehicles; and the application of information and communication interactive technology, Utilize the energy storage characteristics of electric vehicles to realize the interaction between electric vehicles and the power grid, and realize the two-way, real-time and controllable flow of energy between electric vehicles and the power grid through two-way information interaction. Enterprises achieve a win-win situation.

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