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How to choose auto parts

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Car owners, you must pay attention to the following aspects when replacing and repairing auto parts, and don’t let the “silver” be easily trapped.

Don’t ignore the packaging information

When purchasing auto parts, it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging and should be carefully identified. Generally speaking, the original packaging box has clear handwriting, accurate overprinting, and bright colors. It is marked with product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone number, etc., and has a certificate and inspector’s seal. Some important Components such as generators, distributors, etc., are also equipped with operating instructions to guide users in correct use and maintenance. Some auto parts will indicate the origin of “Indonesia”, “France”, etc., but the relevant import declaration procedures cannot be provided, and the authenticity of the products is difficult to judge, and many of them may be counterfeit products.

No abrasion on the surface

The surface of new parts purchased should be free from wear. If there is wear on the surface, or old paint is found after uncovering the surface paint of the painted parts, it should be a disguised waste part. At this time, it must be returned.

Rotating parts should be flexible

The steering knuckle is one of the main parts on the steering axle of the car, which can make the car run stably and transmit the driving direction sensitively. When buying a rotating part, you will feel free to rotate when you turn it. When a rotating part does not rotate properly, it means that the part is rusted or deformed and cannot be purchased.

The joint should be flat

In the process of transportation and storage, due to vibration and bumps, the parts often deform at the joints. During the inspection of shaft parts, the shaft parts should be rolled on a glass plate or other objects with flat surfaces. Look at the junction of the part and the plane for light leakage to judge whether the shaft part is straight or not.

No loosening of glued parts

For accessories composed of two or more parts, the parts are press-fitted, glued or welded, and no looseness is allowed between them. For example, the oil pump plunger and the adjusting arm are combined by press-fitting; The clutch driven wheel and the steel plate are riveted, and the friction plate and the steel plate are riveted or glued; the frame of the paper filter element and the filter paper are glued; the thread ends of the electrical equipment are welded. If any looseness is found when purchasing, it should be replaced.

No rust on the surface of parts

The surface of qualified parts has a certain degree of precision and bright finish. The more important the parts, the higher the precision, and the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of the packaging. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. If the parts are found to have rust spots, mildew spots, cracks, loss of elasticity, or obvious cutting tool lines on the surface of the journal, they should be replaced.

No missing parts for assembly parts

The regular assembly parts should be complete and intact. If the individual small parts on some assembly components are missing or lost, the components will not work properly or even be scrapped, thereby causing potential safety hazards.

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