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Doppy Micro Lubrication Technology Used in Vertical Lathes

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&nbsp;Minimum lubrication is used in vertical lathe processing in two application forms: external spray type and internal cooling type. ; The external spray type micro-lubrication is easy to install and meets the requirements as long as it does not affect the processing and the movement of other parts. <br /> The internal cooling type micro-lubrication is that the lubricant is sprayed to the cutting area in the form of suspended oil mist particles. The key to this is to maintain the reliable flow of suspended particles. Therefore, the structure of the machine tool should be designed to ensure the transportation and transportation of suspended particles. The sealing of the channel is reliable, and the optional fixture and cutting tool should be matched to ensure that the lubricating oil mist particles can reach the cutting area. ; Vertical lathes can be used with internal cooling type micro-lubrication and external cooling type micro-lubrication. The micro-lubrication system can be equipped according to the specific conditions of the machine tool. Most vertical lathes do not have internal cooling channels, so external nozzles are often used to deliver MQL oil mist to lubricate the cutting area of ​​the cutting tool.
The following is a brief description of its characteristics:
; When the lubricating device receives the processing signal, the injection system enters the working state, the lubricating oil is supplied by the micro pneumatic lubrication pump at the set frequency, and the sprayed oil mist particles are formed at the nozzle to reach the surface of the workpiece. The compressed air at each lubrication point is kept in a constant supply state. When the processing is completed, the lubricating device is powered off and stops working at the same time. The oil supply frequency is adjusted according to the oil film formed in the injection area as the standard. <; The system low liquid level monitoring can give an alarm when the oil level is low, and remind the maintenance personnel of the lubrication system that the oil needs to be added, and the low liquid level alarm signal can be linked with the machine tool alarm system. ; External spray lubrication adopts precise metering micro-lubrication technology, which saves oil consumption, and reliably sprays the lubricating oil on the surface of the workpiece and cutting tools in the form of tiny oil mist particles at the terminal to form a lubricating oil film.

1. Jet-type lubrication can save a lot of oil consumption without causing waste;<br /> 2. Lubricating medium consumption is low, measured in units of ml/h;<br />
3. Accurate measurement of oil quantity and accurate supply;<br />
4. The system has few moving parts, reliable operation and small maintenance;
<br /> 5. The oil and gas pipeline layout is simple, easy to install and maintain. <br />

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