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Don’t ignore the maintenance of car belts

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  A car engine is the brain of a car. If the engine is broken, it means that a car is useless.Cars have to run on the road every day. For a long time, it may cause the engine belt to wear or age. Therefore, the owner usually starts to check the belt after a period of time to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  Automobile maintenance has definitions for the wear and aging prevention of automobile engine belts. There are rare belts at the front end of the definition machine, and each belt bears the primary result.On the proposed machine, various auxiliary machines, such as the shrink machine of the air conditioner, the power steering oil pump, and the alternator, are driven by belt drive to operate.Assuming that the belt is broken, or there may be slippage, it will cause the related auxiliary equipment to lose or reduce its function, and then affect the normal use of the car.
  The introspection method of the belt is very simple.First, check the tension of the belt. At this time, you can use your thumb to forcefully press the belt between the two pulleys.The pressing force is about 2kg. Assuming that the reduction of the belt is about 10mm, the belt tension is considered suitable.If the reduction is too large, it is considered that the belt tension is lacking.Assuming that there is almost no reduction in the belt, it is considered that the tension of the belt is excessive.When the tension is lacking, the belt will slip easily.When the tension is too large, it will damage the bearings of various auxiliary machines casually.For this reason, the relevant adjusting nuts or bolts should be loosened to adjust the tension of the belt to the best shape.

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