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Comprehensive analysis of car sealing strip strategy

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The sealing strip can not only avoid the cold wind in winter, but also avoid the dust from the outside, which is very necessary for the long-term car. There are different sealing strips for different parts of the car. The most common one is the door. Other parts such as windows, body, seat, sunroof, engine box and trunk are indispensable for sealing strips, and the current sealing is also soundproof. Effect.

Strategy for purchasing sealing strips:

The choice of sealing strip is considered from the perspectives of dustproof, waterproof, sealed, soundproof, dustproof, antifreeze, shock absorption, warmth and energy saving, then choose the one with good flexibility, aging resistance, and good tensile strength , The old consideration of wear resistance, these are all considered in conjunction with its role, and we also need to consider when we buy sealing strip meters.

How to divide the material of the sealing strip:

For the sealing strip, if you want it to be waterproof, sealed, soundproof, and resistant to aging, then the material must be rear. Different materials have different emphasis. The materials are specifically dense rubber, sponge rubber and hard rubber. Compare The most common one is rubber, because rubber sealing strips are superior in terms of waterproofing, sealing effect, anti-aging, and sound insulation. The other two, car owners can consider rubber materials when purchasing.

How to maintain the sealing tape:

If you want the sealing strip to be used for a longer time to prevent the sealing strip from aging, then maintenance work is indispensable. Check whether the sealing strip has cracks in time. Clean up in time when there is dust. If a small area of ​​cracks appears, it is still possible to study and repair. , But when there is a large area of ​​aging, it is necessary to replace the sealing tape.

How to replace the sealing tape:

The replacement of the sealing strip is very simple. During installation, the sealing strip is mostly inserted directly into the seam of the iron plate. But you need to pay attention to the degree of fit. If the fit is not good, the sealing effect will also be affected, and the wear will accelerate, which is prone to aging. From the outside, it is enough that the sealing strip and the car body are firmly together.

When the car owner feels that the interior sealing effect is not good, or wants better sound insulation, then the sealing tape is very important. The owner needs extra carp when purchasing the sealing tape. In addition, maintenance and timely replacement are also very important. of.

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