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Common sense of car daily maintenance

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The engine is the heart of a car. Once the engine breaks down, the car often cannot move. The economy, power, and environmental protection of the entire automobile are all related to the operation of the engine. Therefore, maintaining a good engine is the most important task for car maintenance.

Automobile manufacturers generally object to users’ disassembly and repair by themselves, and emphasize that users should send them to special maintenance stations for inspection and repair. What users need to do is to use the operation correctly and frequently and timely maintenance. The so-called “seven maintenance and three maintenance”, the maintenance has been raised to a strategic level. Hubei Heli Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has summarized a set of maintenance methods for automobile engines through years of long-term experience accumulation, and hopes to be helpful to the majority of users.

1. Good vehicle skills and careful observation

1. Avoid low-lying water pavement

There is often water on the road after the heavy rain. At this time, do not drive hard to avoid serious damage to the engine. Because once the engine sucks in water, the combustion chamber is filled with water, and the high-speed rotating crankshaft-connecting rod mechanism hardly pushes upwards, and water is an incompressible body, and the huge inertial force tends to destroy the connecting rod. Suddenly encountering cold water in a high-temperature cylinder block can easily cause the cylinder block to crack, and the electronic control part of a computer-controlled EFI engine will form a short circuit if water seeps into it, causing damage to the components and even the computer, and the loss is heavy. Therefore, in case of heavy rain, I advise you to wait patiently, *preferably drive the car to a higher ground first, and wait until the water has receded before leaving. Don’t think about rushing through the stagnant water by chance.

2. Insufficient fuel should be added in time

There is an electric fuel pump in the fuel tank to deliver fuel to the engine. The motor generates heat when it is working, and when it sinks in the fuel, the heat will be cooled by the surrounding fuel, and it can run for a long time. But when the fuel in the tank is seriously insufficient, the fuel pump is exposed to the air, and the temperature of the motor gradually rises, which will easily burn the motor. Therefore, when the fuel gauge pointer reaches the warning zone, add fuel in time.

3. The starter cannot be used frequently in a short period of time

Sometimes, the engine does not ignite for some reason, and the driver usually starts frequently. In fact, the power consumption of the starter is very large, generally several hundred watts, which seriously consumes the electric energy storage of the battery. If the engine does not catch fire, there will be no electric power supplement, and the battery is easily damaged. Therefore, when the engine cannot be started after a few ignitions, it is necessary to check the cause first, eliminate the fault, and then start again.

2. Develop a habit of active inspection and maintenance and choose suitable lubricants

1. Learn more about car performance, do it yourself to promote maintenance

Men like to repair or modify their cars in their spare time. Of course, I also do some small creations and inventions, anyway, it is convenient to buy spare parts. Assemble your own computer or design and create some electronic products, just like the popular DIY fashion. The boy drove secretly when he was 13 or 4 years old. As his father repaired the car, when he was of legal age, he even drove around, knowing the structure and performance of the car.

2. Check, add and replace engine oil.

Engine oil is of special importance to the engine, because the current engine speed has reached six or seven thousand revolutions per minute on cars, and even tens of thousands of revolutions per minute on cars. The linear velocity of the piston movement is as high as tens of meters, and it is carried out under high temperature and high pressure. If there is no suitable high-grade engine oil as a lubricant, the engine will soon be damaged. As engine oil will evaporate at high temperatures, check the amount of oil frequently through the oil gauge, and add it in time when it is insufficient. But it should be noted that the newly added oil must be of the same type. Otherwise, if two kinds of engine oils with different chemical compositions are mixed, a chemical reaction will occur and the engine oil performance will deteriorate. The choice of engine oil depends on the local temperature conditions. When the engine is running at high speed, some metal chips and impurities often fall off, and the oil will deteriorate after long-term use. Therefore, timely replacement is necessary. All kinds of cars clearly stipulate the oil replacement time, which is generally after the running-in period of 1,000 to 1,500 kilometers and after every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. In the daily inspection, if the engine oil is found to be thick or black, it means that the engine oil has deteriorated and needs to be replaced in time. In areas with large temperature differences, when summer and winter are approaching, the engine oil of the corresponding brand needs to be replaced.

Three, pay attention to the maintenance of the fuel system

1. Try to use reliable fuel, and add fuel additives when necessary

This is particularly important for electronic injection engines. This is because the temperature in the electronic injection channel may reach more than 200 degrees, which makes it easy to form carbon deposits and colloids above the injector, valve stem and intake valve, causing the valve to not close tightly and the cylinder pressure to drop, resulting in cold valve adhesion. , The nozzle oil passage is blocked, etc. Fuel additives contain anti-knock agents, anti-wear agents, combustion aids, cleaning dispersants, etc., which can effectively remove carbon deposits and colloids from the fuel system, increase fuel combustion speed, and reduce exhaust pollution. If only high-grade gasoline is used in big cities, the natural problem is not too big. But if you drive your car to a small and medium-sized town to refuel, it is best to add a bottle of reliable fuel additives.

2. Regularly clean the oil system, and it is best to use the fuel cleaning method without disassembly.

Although many cars use fuel additives, they still produce coke and gum. Therefore, after every 20,000 to 25,000 kilometers, the oil system must be thoroughly cleaned. Now more formal auto repair plants are equipped with fuel cleaning equipment that does not require disassembly. It is also very simple. Connect it to the oil circuit, input a specific chemical cleaning agent, and run the engine at idle for a period of time. The cleaning agent can soften and decompose the carbon deposits, emulsify and dissolve the gum and oil, and then burn it. , Exhaust from the machine. It is reported that an auto repair shop in the mainland has used this method to clean 50 car engines and achieved remarkable results. On average, the output power of the engine increased by 26.37%, fuel saving 11.20%, CO emissions decreased by 63.40%, and HC emissions. The amount has dropped by 59%, and the effect is very significant.

Four, keep clean engine assembly

1. Clean the filter element of the air filter regularly, and replace the third filter when the car is under second warranty

Every 1,000 kilometers or so, the filter element of the air filter should be removed, and the dust and other dirt should be blown out with compressed air from the inside out. Some cars have a dust integrated cup at the air inlet, and they must be checked frequently to dump the dust. Three filters refer to three types of filters: fuel, oil and air, and oil filters generally have two coarse filters and fine filters, which must be replaced during the second warranty period. Different areas have different road conditions, and the cleaning and replacement time is also different.

2. Check and replenish coolant

If the coolant level in the liquid storage tank is lower than the *lower mark, it must be supplemented with the same type of coolant, which can be replaced with distilled water if necessary. It should be noted that you must wait for the temperature to drop before opening the cover, otherwise the high temperature water sprays will easily burn people.

3. Adjust the valve clearance

After a car has been driving for a period of time, sometimes a “click, click” sound may be heard in the engine. This is often because the gap between the valve and the valve lifter is large, and the gap must be adjusted at this time. However, the newer modern car engines have used hydraulic tappets, which can automatically eliminate the gap, and the problem will naturally be solved.

4. Check and clean the platinum contacts

The platinum contacts on the distributor will be ablated after using for a period of time, which will increase the resistance, decrease the ignition energy of the spark plug, and reduce the output power of the engine. This requires the use of fine sandpaper to gently polish away the oxide layer. . But it should be noted that the area of ​​the contact should not be less than 80%, and it must be replaced if it exceeds it.

5. Always check spark plugs

If you find that the engine power has dropped, one of the possible reasons is that the spark plug needs to be overhauled.

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