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Car maintenance and repair common problems inventory

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Nowadays, more and more people are buying cars. Many families and individuals have more and more car owners. People also attach great importance to the maintenance and repair of cars. For some common small problems in cars, simple We still need to understand the little knowledge of maintenance and repair.

Remote control key failure

In life, many car enthusiasts often encounter that the remote control key of their car can sometimes be remotely controlled, sometimes not, or it is difficult to use. It takes a lot of effort or a lot of times to succeed. Generally, these phenomena are the first thing to do. Measure the voltage of the battery. In most cases, it is caused by low voltage, which can be solved by replacing the battery with a new one. In addition, it may also be caused by the battery being left for too long.

The car air conditioner has abnormal noise

The abnormal noise that occurs is mainly the working noise of the compressor, which is not a malfunction. Because the work of the compressor is intermittent, it is not always in the working state, and it will make a louder working noise when it is restarted; if the key door is opened, the automatic operation of the air conditioner must be abnormal, and in most cases it is a fan The failure of the control module requires replacement of new accessories.

When the hot car starts, it doesn’t work well.

This may be the following three situations: One is caused by excessive carbon deposits in the throttle, idle speed motor, or intake duct. Because of carbon deposits in the intake duct, the cross-sectional area of ​​the air passage changes, making the control unit unable to accurately control the idle intake air volume, causing the mixture to be too rich or too lean, causing the engine to fail to start. Second, there is a slight leakage of the fuel injector, which causes the fuel to leak into the combustion chamber within a period of time after the vehicle is turned off, causing the mixture to be too thick when restarting, and eventually making it difficult to start. The third is caused by damage to the activated carbon canister. If the solenoid valve is always in the open state, the mixture of the engine’s intake port will always be in a state of enrichment, causing the mixture to be too thick when the car is hot, which will cause the phenomenon that it is not easy to start.

Editor’s summary: If the car is left for a long time or if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, there will be many minor problems. Some minor problems are not malfunctions, but some can have a big impact. This editor reminds everyone that you encounter these situations. It’s best to go to a special repair shop to consult, don’t deal with it yourself.

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