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Car air-conditioning wires, tires, etc. need to pay attention to maintenance

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In the past two days, successive sunny days and high temperatures above 20 degrees are heralding a reality: summer is about to arrive. For most areas in Jiangnan, the rainy season and high temperature in the next few months will not be so pleasant. Such an environment can easily lead to the “summer sickness” of automobiles. Our reporter investigated a number of 4S shops and repair shops and found that the five major “summer diseases”* are easy to commit. How to prevent them?

Summer disease one: mildew of air conditioner

Starting this Monday, Hangzhou has risen sharply. Mr. Zhang, who lives in the east of the city, turned on the air conditioner for the first time this year. “So unpleasant!” The pungent smell made him almost jump out of the car. In fact, if it is not used for a long period of time, dust will accumulate and mold on the filters, filter elements, air inlets and outlets, pipes, etc. of the car air conditioner. Especially in the south, after a humid and rainy spring, the moldy of automobile air conditioners is more obvious. If the air conditioner is turned on without cleaning, it will be no different from taking drugs in a car.

How to diagnose: Most automobile manufacturers stipulate that the air-conditioning filter element of a vehicle should be replaced once a year or 30,000 kilometers. According to the actual environment in Zhejiang, this cycle should be shortened to half a year or 20,000 kilometers. But the reality is that the air conditioner filter element has never been replaced in five or six years after buying a car, and there are many examples of the filter element being blocked by dirt.

To judge whether the car air conditioner should be cleaned, the simplest way is to smell it. After turning on the air conditioner, if you smell a peculiar smell, go and clean it! If you do not smell the musty smell, but it has been more than half a year since the car was last cleaned (or drove more than 20,000 kilometers), it is best to clean the air conditioner. After all, not everyone’s nose is so sensitive.

Therapeutic Remedy: At present, most 4S shops and some professional repair shops can provide car air-conditioning cleaning services. The technician injects the special cleaning agent through the air inlet, passes through the filter, filter element, pipeline, etc., and then discharges it from the air outlet. After cleaning, the mold content and peculiar smell in the car air conditioner will be significantly improved. However, if the air conditioner has not been cleaned for too long, once the filter screen and filter element are blocked, they must be replaced.

In addition, at the beginning of each summer, the car air conditioner should also check the refrigerant (freon), and if it is insufficient, it should be added in time to avoid affecting the cooling effect.

Summer sickness two: wire aging

The terrible spontaneous combustion accident of a car, you must have heard of or seen it. But you don’t necessarily know that behind a spontaneous combustion accident, there is at least one (or a bundle) of aging wires. Last Friday, at Sino-German Automobile on Shixiang Road in Hangzhou, the reporter followed a master Fu with more than 20 years of auto repair experience and inspected several cars together, and found that the longer the car, the more serious the problem of aging of the line.

A BMW 730 produced around 2005, almost all of the plastic skin outside the headlight wires has fallen off, exposing the copper wires inside. In addition, the rubber sleeves outside of its tie-up poles are also missing. Master Fu said that it is very dangerous to lose the circuit protected by rubber and other insulators. Because once the positive and negative wires meet, sparks will be wiped out. The high temperature in summer can easily cause spontaneous combustion accidents.

How to diagnose: Open the engine cover, you can see a lot of wires inside. In the whole car, this is the place where the movement is *active, the temperature is *high, and it is *prone to wire aging. If you see cracks or peeling off the insulating rubber outside the wires, you must be careful. In addition, some bundles of wires will be wrapped with rubber tubes. In the process of continuous movement of the car, the rubber tube continues to rub and collide with the outside world. Once it is damaged, it will further aggravate the aging of the wire.

The best cure: You can’t stop the aging of rubber. Generally speaking, the wires begin to age after a car has been opened for about 5 years, and the ageing situation is more serious in about 10 years. Therefore, the older the vehicle, the more frequently it should be opened for inspection. If the wires are found to be exposed, they should be replaced in time.

In addition, we can also take some measures to delay the process of wire aging. Many 4S shops, auto repair shops, and auto beauty shops provide engine compartment maintenance services-the masters apply a layer of protective liquid to the outside of the wires, which can effectively delay the aging of the insulating rubber and extend the life of the wires. Summer sickness three: oil pipe leakage. If the car’s spontaneous combustion is compared to “the god of death is coming”, then the aging of the wires and oil pipe leakage are the “black and white double evil” of the “Reaper”. In most cases, sparks caused by the aging of the wires will It will ignite the oil leaking from the oil pipe, which will cause an unmanageable situation. Following Master Fu, the reporter found another BMW 7 Series that was about 10 years old. Its engine oil leaked out and soaked the iron partitions in the ground. Once it encounters Mars, it is very easy to burn.

How to diagnose: There are two ways to judge whether the car is leaking oil. **The type is “look”. Check the engine compartment and car chassis carefully to see if there are signs of oil leakage; the second type is “smell”. Unlike oil, gasoline is more volatile and it is difficult to see the signs of leakage. However, if you smell a significant gasoline while using the car, be careful-the car is likely to leak oil.

Treatment: Oil leakage in the tubing may be caused by loose tubing or damage to tubing or parts. In the first case, you only need to tighten the tubing; in the second case, the *safety method is to replace the tubing or the entire part. Of course, all of this should not be done by yourself, it should be done by professionals.

Summer sickness four: tire blowout

The car was driving and the tire suddenly burst. This is really frightening, the temperature rises, and summer has become a season of high incidence of flat tires.

How to diagnose: The technician Gong Menghui of Hangzhou Guoao Automobile said that the primary cause of a puncture in summer is the abnormal condition of the tyre itself. Tires with trauma, reaching or exceeding their service life, bulging, and partial wear will greatly increase the chance of a tire blowout during summer driving. In addition, timely adjustment of tire pressure in summer is also very important. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the pressure of summer tires should be about 10% lower than the standard pressure.

Treatment: Before the summer, check the tires carefully. Once the service life of the tire is up, or there is trauma, or it has been bulged or partially worn, it is best to replace the tire in time. In addition, the tire pressure varies according to different models. Generally speaking, the standard tire pressure for small cars such as cars is 2.2 (atmospheric pressure), and the standard tire pressure for large cars is 2.8 (atmospheric pressure). If you don’t know the standard air pressure of your tires, you can open the cab door and check the nameplate on the side of the door. Generally, vehicles will mark it on it.

Summer sickness five: flammable substances in the car

Many people like to dress up their cars fancyly: today, put a bottle of perfume on the center console; tomorrow, the rear window will be filled with dolls; the day after tomorrow, the seat cover will be replaced with linen. However, these car-loving behaviors have become the root cause of car damage.

How to diagnose: Last summer, Hangzhou Zhongde Automobile received a spontaneous combustion BMW X3. Unlike most spontaneous combustion vehicles, the ignition point of this car was the back seat—according to the maintenance staff, the owner put the debris in the back seat , Is an important reason for the fire. In summer, the temperature rises, and the items in the car may become “time bombs” at any time.

Remedy: Before summer really arrives, clean up the clutter in the car: take away perfume, dolls, ornaments, waste paper thrown around, clothes that you don’t wear often, and seat cushions that are easy to burn. The simpler the car, the better. After all, this is a vehicle, not a storage room.

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