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Brief Analysis of Light Vehicle Technology Engine

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The perfect roundness of the engine speed cylinder core of the vertical and horizontal light vehicle technology can reduce the tension of the piston ring that can control fuel consumption and air leakage. As the cylinder core achieves high precision, the inner diameter of the cylinder core and the outer diameter of the piston can be controlled in single digits. The low-friction piston coats the side edge of the piston with a layer of molybdenum disulfide film to reduce the sliding resistance of the piston. The effect of reducing friction by reducing the tension of the piston ring and coating the piston with a molybdenum disulfide film is compared with that of ordinary engines of the same level.

Plastic domain angle method is applied to the bolt connection of pseudo cylinder head and cylinder head to stabilize the bolt axial force. After assembling the cylinder head in this way, the roundness of the cylinder core is very good, and the high-order component that causes the cylinder core to be deformed during the installation of the cylinder head is eliminated. Low friction piston effect. The low friction of the valve transmission mechanism adopts outer gasket (outlineslim) direct hitting DOHC, and reduces the width of the cam lobe to adjust the valve spring load to the best. The friction reduction effect of the valve drive train is compared with that of traditional engines of the same level. The crankcase communicating hole punches a communicating hole on the cylinder wall at the crankshaft journal, which suppresses the fluctuation of the pressure in the crankcase and reduces the pumping loss.

Quietness. Semi-trapezoidal frame type crankshaft bearing structure (modified sintered alloy crankshaft bearing cap) In order to suppress the expansion of bearing clearance at high temperatures and reduce vibration and noise generated during crankshaft motion, the crankshaft bearing cap is manufactured using iron-based sintered alloy. The sintered material improves the surface layer composition, enhances its workability and strength in cutting processing, and is a new type of material.

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