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Attention should be paid to the thickness of the wiring in the modification of “LED car lights”

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For a car, the car lights are like its eyes, and nowadays, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and smaller LED car lights have become a popular element to decorate the car. For example, LED headlights, LED brake lights, LED reversing lights, LED flashing lights, LED daytime running lights, etc., are favored by young car owners. As for automakers, they are now beginning to extend their products from only mid-to-high-end models with LED lights to low-end models, such as Guangqi Honda Lingpai, Dongfeng Fengshen New S30 and other models. This move undoubtedly enhances the product’s selling point. Although LED lights are more dazzling and cool, their maintenance costs are also very expensive compared to traditional lights. If car owners make modifications by themselves, they should also pay attention to whether the annual inspection is qualified and whether the wiring harness is thick enough. Security leaves hidden dangers.

dazzling appearance catches the attention of young consumers

LED car lights have become a major concern of consumers when buying cars, especially young consumer groups, they will ask when buying a car. Sun Guangji, marketing manager of Dongfeng Fengshen’s Jilin Yongcheng 4S store, told reporters that LED daytime running lights have begun to become civilians. They can only be seen on Audi, BMW, and imported Volkswagen models. Many cars running on the road now Equipped. However, for many young car owners, the use of LED daytime running lights is more of a catch up with the trend nowadays, but not a trend. My entire set of car lights have been replaced with LED lights, including brake lights, headlights, turn signals, daytime running lights, etc. It is absolutely dazzling. Xiao Liu, the owner of the post-90s, said with a smile.

New Culture News Car Club Modification enthusiast Mr. Wang said: In fact, the modification of LED lights can ensure driving safety in addition to being cool. For example, vehicles with modified LED daytime running lights have poor vision during the day when the sun is dazzling or on rainy and foggy days. Under the circumstances, it can be more recognized by other vehicles.

Once damaged, the maintenance cost is not low

Although the    LED lights are dazzling, their high maintenance costs make car owners feel uncomfortable. According to Boss Zhao, an auto parts shop in Changchun Automobile Trade City, the appearance of LED lights is not only dazzling, but the brightness of LED headlights exceeds that of xenon headlights, and the lighting response speed is fast. However, the price is relatively high. For example, LEDs for luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW The price of headlights ranges from 20,000 to 80,000 yuan, which is a big burden for car owners.

Recently, Xiao Song, a rider, is annoyed by the thousands of dollars in maintenance costs for his car. The reporter learned that the LED turn signal of a luxury brand car driven by Xiao Song was broken, and it was found that it was burned out when it was sent to the 4S shop for inspection and repair. I thought it would be enough to replace a light bulb, a few hundred dollars, but the maintenance worker told me that this LED turn signal cannot be replaced alone. If it breaks, I need to replace the whole assembly. The price is about 2,000 yuan. Xiao Song said helplessly. Mr. Zhao, the owner of a joint venture brand owner who had the same encounter with Xiao Song: My LED brake lights are not on, I have to change the assembly when I go to the 4S shop. The cost is nearly 1,500 yuan, and the price quoted by the outside repair shop is also over 1,000 yuan. , Think about it or the cheapest ordinary halogen bulbs!

Self-modification, pay attention to the thickness of the wiring

It is understood that many car owners currently like to DIY their cars. Among them, there are not a few young car owners who modify their own LED lights, but there are many things to pay attention to when installing LED lights by themselves. Liu Ying, head of the after-sales service department of GAC Toyota Chengbang 4S shop, said: LED car lights are actually light-emitting diodes, which are one-way, long-lived, power-saving, low-heat and low-voltage light sources. Pay special attention to the thickness of the wiring when choosing LED lights. It is recommended to choose a thicker wiring harness to ensure that it is not easy to be burned out during use. At the same time, pay attention to the concealment of the wiring during installation, and do not expose too much. Outside, avoid leaving safety hazards. In addition, the main factor that affects the light efficiency and life of LED lights is temperature. Therefore, owners who want to modify LED lights are recommended to choose LED lights with good thermal conductivity, and pay attention to the heat dissipation environment of the LED lights in the future during the installation process. It is worth mentioning that the owner of the modified car must not damage the appearance of the original car. Once the appearance is changed, there will be trouble during the annual inspection.

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