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Anti-corrosion technology “Ruspert treatment” to improve plating performance

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①What kind of technology?

The use of organic resins with excellent adhesion and a high-corrosion-resistant composite film to form a compact film between the special chemically formed film greatly improves the corrosion resistance of traditional hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating. Various colors can be realized in line with the landscape. Inraspit is coated on the galvanized layer to form a composite film, so it can be used in various environments.

②What technology was used before?

·Electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized (HDZ35)

③What kind of public works are applicable?

·Civil engineering·Building construction bridges, bolts and nuts for connection and fastening, iron or stainless steel products suitable for salt-affected areas


1. The processing temperature is below 200°C, which will not affect the physical properties of the product.

2. The treatment method can adopt centrifugal dip coating, spraying, or dip coating + spraying treatment process. Dip coating is a coating method in which the object to be coated is immersed in a coating tank, and then the remaining liquid is removed by centrifugal separation.

Novelty and expected effect

①Where can novelty be embodied? (Compared with the previous technology, what is the improvement)

·It is a high corrosion resistance surface treatment technology with high corrosion resistance at low temperature, reducing electric corrosion, and realizing colorfulness.

②What is the expected effect? (What are the advantages of using new technologies?)

·Because “Ruspert” is a composite film composed of top coating and galvanized layer, it is suitable for various environments.

·It is difficult to produce contact corrosion with dissimilar metals

·It has been confirmed that no red rust will be produced in the salt spray test for more than 1000 hours.

· Acid and alkali resistance, sulfur dioxide resistance, good weather resistance. To

·Low temperature treatment: The treatment temperature is below 200℃, which will not affect the physical properties of the product.

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