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Analysis on the interview with Guan Aqing of Beijing Auto Parts Company

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In the actual inspection, this market was a building materials market on the verge of bankruptcy. After doing many inspections and detailed analysis, many people were skeptical at first, thinking that the address is too remote and far from the city, but I am focusing on it. This is “far”. The reason is very simple, who is willing to give up close and seek further? There are nearly 400,000 cars in this area, but there is no large auto parts market in this area. As a large number of economic cars enter the family, there is great consumer demand, and there will be supply if there is demand. There will be good prospects for the existence and development of the tangible market. In addition, the profit space of the automotive aftermarket is still huge. As long as we carefully select the site, accurately locate and provide good services, we will be able to create a world of ours.

For long-term development, it is necessary to meet the needs of consumers. I am honored to have Mr. Dou Changhuai, who is very experienced in operating the auto parts market, as the general manager, and he will organize the team to carry out the management work. According to the nature of the region, we have made a reasonable layout for the auto parts market in the Greater Southern Suburbs. First of all, the roads in the market extend in all directions. There are plenty of parking spaces, so there is no blind spot in the market; secondly, the business area is clearly planned, allowing customers to shop at a glance, meeting customers’ requirements for one-stop shopping, and strictly in accordance with the plan to attract investment, and control the distribution under the premise of ensuring that the auto parts market is complete. The number of merchants, so that every merchant who invests and settles in has a larger space for development. In the past 4 years, we have been adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and common development, and we are always thinking about the merchants, so that the merchants can give full play to their business skills in the auto parts market in the southern suburbs, profitable, and make a fortune.

The stability of merchants is the stability of the market, and the development of merchants is the progress of the auto parts market in the southern suburbs. It really helps the merchants to make profits, innovate their operations, and build a service-oriented auto parts market. Our auto parts market in the southern suburbs was born in a period of fierce competition. Therefore, when we created the market, we planned an advertising plan for the next 5 years. When the merchants entered the market, our market solemnly promised that the annual advertising fee should not be less than 15% of the total rent in the market that year. In fact, our annual advertising costs are no less than 2 million, which is much higher than the previous promise. In this way, the popularity and reputation of the Dananjiao auto parts market has been improved. It has not only attracted many well-known companies and manufacturers to enter the auto parts market, but also caused local and surrounding consumers to think of Dananjiao Auto Parts first when they had problems with their cars. market.

We, as market managers, will never tolerate, and we firmly ask him to leave the Greater Southern Suburbs Auto Parts Market. In the past 4 years, we have resolutely implemented the good absorption and eliminated the bad in the investment and management of the four years, so that we can learn from the old and learn the new, and build an honest brand in the auto parts market in the southern suburbs. In addition, while advocating merchants to serve consumers in good faith, we also require all employees in the market to establish a correct idea of ​​serving merchants and consumers at all times, and implement this idea into their daily work. Even if you are a cleaner, you must always consider the merchants and truly achieve “the interests of merchants and consumers are no small matter.” Through training, all employees have a deep understanding of the principle of “doing things, behave first; be able to do things before you can do things”. It is useless to shout slogans in an empty space. Naturally, the service management level has also been improved, and the characteristics of the auto parts market in the southern suburbs have fully emerged, becoming a shining star in the auto parts distribution field of Beijing.

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