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Analysis of the function and principle of car wax

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Waxing is indispensable for the neat appearance of a car. The driver has a one-sided understanding of this, either frequently waxing or not at all; there are also drivers who believe that the more expensive the car wax, the better, and they use imported car wax exclusively. In fact, these practices are inappropriate. So, how to wax the car? The types and selection of car waxes. Because of the different properties of various car waxes, their functions and effects are different, so you must be careful when choosing them. Improper selection will not only not protect the car body, but will change the color of the car paint.
1. Why should car paint be waxed for maintenance?
1) After the car is waxed and cured, it can remove the stubborn stains on the paint surface and form a protective film.
2) It has a good removal effect on the oxide film formed in the car paint and can repair some micro cracks in the car paint.
3) Prevent the corrosion of substances such as ultraviolet rays, acids, and alkalis.
4) Delay the aging of car paint and prolong the service life of car paint.
2. The role and principle of car wax?
(1) Waterproof effect-under strong sunlight, each droplet is a convex lens. Under its focusing action, the temperature at the focal point reaches 800-1000 degrees. It causes dark spots in the paint, which greatly affects the quality and life of the paint. It is also easy to cause rust on the exposed metal surface. Car wax has a repulsive effect on water-based substances, making it difficult for water droplets to adhere to the surface of the car body.
(2) Anti-high temperature effect-the principle of anti-high temperature effect of car wax is to effectively reflect incident light from different directions and prevent the reflected light from aging and discoloring the paint surface and base paint.
(3) Anti-static effect-static electricity brings a lot of inconvenience to the driver, and even causes injury. The anti-static effect of car wax is mainly reflected in the prevention of static electricity on the car surface, and its principle of action is to cut off the friction between dust and metal surface. Due to the difference in the thickness of the coating wax layer and the adhesion ability of the car wax itself, its anti-static effect is somewhat different. General anti-static car wax is superior to ordinary car wax in blocking the friction between dust and paint.
(4) Anti-ultraviolet effect-due to the characteristics of ultraviolet rays, it is easier for ultraviolet rays to be refracted into the paint surface. The anti-ultraviolet car wax fully considers the characteristics of ultraviolet rays, so that the damage to the car watch can be minimized.
(5) Varnishing effect-Varnishing is the basic function of car wax*. After waxed vehicles, it can improve the brightness of the surface and restore the bright color of the car body.
3. How often is the car waxed?
Due to the driving environment and different parking places, the waxing time interval should be different. Generally, there are garages parking, and most vehicles driving on good roads; waxing once every January to February; vehicles parked in the open air, due to wind Blowing in the rain, *good waxing once a month. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. Generally, you can wax again when the body is not smooth when you touch it with your hands.
4. How to wax by hand?
Hand waxing is simple and easy. When waxing by hand, first apply an appropriate amount of car wax to the sponge, (special waxing sponge) and then apply it back and forth in a certain order in a straight line. Each application should have a 1/5-4/5 overlap with the upper application area. Prevent missing coating.
5. How to master the polishing operation?
According to the description of different car waxes. Generally, polishing can be carried out within 5-10 minutes after application, and the principle of waxing first and then polishing is followed during polishing. As the polishing ball rubs against the paint surface to generate heat, spray a little water on the polished area to reduce the heat. Ensure that the polished car watch is not contaminated or damaged. The polishing operation usually uses a non-woven fabric to reciprocate and move in a straight line, and press it with appropriate force to remove the remaining car wax.
6. How many kinds of car wax are there?
is generally divided into three types: liquid wax, soft wax, and solid wax. There are also car waxes that are differentiated according to the body color. They are usually divided into three categories: light, dark, and silver-pink. The owner can choose according to the needs of the car.
7. What are the main functions of liquid wax?
emphasizes the decontamination effect. Usually when the paint surface is dirty and there are stubborn dirt, using this product can effectively and quickly remove these stubborn dirt. And it does not cause any damage to the paint surface, and can repair some small scratches. Make your car as beautiful as new.
8. What are the main functions of solid wax?
emphasizes the effect of glazing protection. After the vehicle has used the solid wax, a high-gloss protective film is formed on the paint surface to prevent the paint surface from aging.
9. What preparations should be made before waxing?
Before waxing, it is better to use car wash water (special car shampoo mixed with a certain proportion of water) to clean the dirt and dust on the exterior of the car body. Remember not to use detergent and soapy water. Because it contains sodium oxide, it will corrode the paint, wax film and rubber parts of the car body. Make the car paint tarnish, and the rubber parts are aging. If there is no special car wash water, you can wash the car with clean water, dry the car body and wax it.
10. How to operate mechanical waxing?
The efficiency of mechanical waxing is high. Whether it is mechanical waxing or manual waxing, it must be applied evenly. When mechanically waxing, apply car wax to the sponge, the application process is the same as that of manual. It is worth noting that the painting on the edges, corners and edges should not exceed the paint surface.
11. What matters should be paid attention to during waxing?
The car should be waxed in a cool place to ensure that the car body does not generate heat, because as the temperature rises, the adhesion of the car wax becomes worse and it is easy to dry. Will affect the quality of waxing. When waxing, apply a proper amount of car wax to a special sponge ball. Paint on the car body back and forth in a straight line. Don’t put the car wax on the car or apply it in a cylindrical way. Don’t stop painting. Generally 5-10 minutes after evenly spreading, use a new towel to polish. But car wax that requires quick wipe off should be polished while coating.
12. What are the precautions after waxing the car?
After the car body is waxed, some car wax will remain in the gaps in the lights, license plates, doors, luggage compartment, etc., making the car body look very unsightly. If the wax dirt in these places is not wiped clean in time, rust may also occur. Therefore, these corners must be cleaned after waxing.
13. How should liquid wax and soft wax be wiped after the lacquer is treated?
Before wiping with liquid wax and soft wax, after the car wax is completely dry, wipe off the wax ash with a clean towel. When using liquid wax, wipe repeatedly on the paint surface to get rid of stubborn dirt. Soft wax, apply evenly with moderate strength.
14. How to wipe after solid wax treatment?
Use a sponge ball to moisten a little wax, and apply lightly and evenly on the paint surface. After the wax is dry, wipe it gently with a clean towel. Because the solid wax is oily, the car body is not suitable for waxing when it is overheated, and it is not suitable to wipe off the wax ash when the wax is not dry. Wipe prematurely, it is easy to adhere to some dust.
15. Why should a new car be waxed?
New cars are usually coated with protective wax when they leave the factory to avoid scratching the paint during transportation. Therefore, after the new car is off the ground, you should go to a professional car beauty shop for wax removal and cleaning, and then apply a layer of new car care wax to protect the bright luster of the new car.
16. Steps for waxing a new car
1) High-pressure washing of the body.
2) Spray boiling wax water. Wait for 5-8 minutes to completely penetrate the wax layer and quickly dissolve the car wax protective layer.
3) Wipe the car watch with cotton cloth, towel or non-woven cloth.
4) Thoroughly clean the wax residue and various residual dirt with a special shampoo for new cars.
5) *Use high-grade crystal coating wax exclusively for new cars. Coat the car body with a layer of anti-static, anti-aging, acid rain, ultraviolet, strong water repellent, elegant, bright and firm protective film.
17. How to choose boiling wax water?
Boiling wax water is the most important thing for waxing operation. Boiling wax water has a strong ability to dissolve car wax and decompose oil. Generally, the car watch wax can be completely dissolved in 5-8 minutes, and there is no corrosion to the paint, plastic and rubber parts. New car wax-opening set is used. Namely: open wax water, special shampoo for new cars, high-grade coating wax for new cars.
The wax water has a strong oil decomposition and wax removal function, and the wax is removed completely. It can also be used to remove asphalt, insects, and other stubborn stains and dirt.

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