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Analysis and Comments on the Development of Family Cars

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After more than 5 years of construction, by the end of August 1994, the Inner Mongolia ** Machinery Factory-Northern-Benz heavy-duty vehicle project was fully completed. The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council recently issued the “Regulations on the Management of the Equipment and Use of Vehicles in Party and Government Organs.” The document stipulates that cadres at or above the vice-provincial level should use domestically-made cars in the future. “China Automobile News” published an article by the research group of “China Family Car Development Strategy Research”, the title is “China Family Car Development Strategy Conception”, the inevitability, importance, development model and policy, goals and steps of the development of family cars Perform analysis and comment.

The Nanjing Automobile Manufacturing Plant introduced the Italian Iveco light-duty vehicle project and has formed an annual production capacity of 60,000 vehicles and engines each, and the construction project has passed the national inspection and acceptance.

The Shanghai Santana 2000 sedan officially met with Chinese and foreign guests at the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, and mass production began that month. The State Council approved the establishment of special funds for discounts on auto renewal loans. The specific content is: The Ministry of Transport allocates 300 million yuan from the vehicle purchase surcharges collected each year, specifically for the purchase of domestic passenger trucks by the whole people and collective transportation enterprises, and special loan discounts for renewing trucks. The original Nanjing Automobile Industry Corporation was renamed Yuejin Automobile Group Corporation. Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation and SAIC Motor Co., Ltd. were established.

The project with an annual output of 1.4 million radial car tires passed the national formal acceptance in Shanghai. The Ministry of Machinery issued a notice that since January 1, 1996, all cars produced in China must use certified safety glass, and the safety glass used in newly produced cars must be printed with the certification mark and approved by the China Automotive Safety Glass Certification Committee. Certification number.

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