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Advantages and precautions of micro lubrication applied to machining center

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1. It is compatible with the high-speed cutting of the machining center;
The machining center is a high-speed, efficiency-increasing processing equipment. Both the running speed and the response speed are very fast. Therefore, the matching micro-lubrication system also needs to have a faster response time. The Doppel micro-lubrication system can be started immediately, and the response is timely.

2. Reduce costs
The consumption of lubricant in micro-lubrication is about one ten thousandth of that of wet cutting lubricant, which reduces the cost of lubricant. At the same time, the power of the micro-lubrication system is compressed air, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced compared with the cutting fluid circulation system. On the other hand, after the micro-lubrication replaces the cutting fluid system, the cutting fluid system is omitted, and the manufacturing cost of the machine tool is directly reduced.

3. Environmental improvement

The application of micro-lubrication will not cause the emulsion splash when using cutting fluid, which can protect the working environment and the cleaning of the machine tool itself.

4. Improvement of overall efficiency

The micro-lubrication processing is quasi-dry machining, which can eliminate the workpiece cleaning procedure during wet cutting processing, shorten the process chain, and improve the overall efficiency of the production line.
Issues requiring special attention
1. Micro-lubrication system cooperates with machining center: Machining center is a kind of high-speed synergistic cutting equipment. Therefore, it is required that the micro-lubrication device must be able to seamlessly connect with the machine tool. It is also required that the device can quickly provide oil mist at the beginning of cutting, and it must not appear. Delay.

2. Adaptability: When using internal cooling type micro-lubrication processing, the internal cooling hole of each cutting tool is different, and the required amount of oil mist will also be different. Since the machining center often replaces cutting tools, the amount of oil mist will be adjusted at this time. Therefore, it must be required that the amount of oil mist generated by the micro-lubrication device has an automatic adjustment function, and can be equipped with different cutting tools.

3. The layout of the nozzles: due to frequent tool changes in the machining center, and the size of each tool is not the same, when applying external spray type micro-lubrication, you must pay attention to the layout of the nozzles to provide reliable lubrication for each cutting tool. <br /> &nbsp;<br />

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