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About the influence of base oil on diesel engine oil performance

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The influence of base oil on the performance of diesel engine oil Diesel engine oil specifications generally have high temperature detergency requirements (1H2, 1G2, 1K, 1N, and 1P tests). The saturated hydrocarbon content of the base oil is within the range of 60% and 80%, and the weighted piston score (WTD) decreases as the saturated hydrocarbon content increases (that is, the detergency is improved). Because the antioxidant added to the base oil still exists in the inhibition stage of the oxidation process, most of the free radicals generated during the oxidation process are immediately removed by the antioxidant, thereby shortening the reaction chain in the free radical propagation stage.

Any free radicals that have not been scavenged tend to act preferentially with aromatic hydrocarbons rather than with saturated hydrocarbons first. This is caused by the resonance stability of the generated aromatic radicals. Therefore, increasing the content of saturated hydrocarbons in the base oil can prolong the suppression phase. However, when the saturated hydrocarbon content in the base oil exceeds 80%, the weighted piston score (WTD) increases, that is, the detergency decreases. At this time, the main reason is that the aromatic content of the base oil has decreased too much, which plays a leading role in the decrease of the dissolution and dispersion ability of the additive components and the oxidation products.

Add the same functional compounding agent to try to make SAE30 oil. Increasing the viscosity of the base oil, especially the addition of high-viscosity bright oil components, is beneficial to improve the high-temperature detergency of diesel engine oil. Therefore, the viscosity grade of modern high-performance diesel engine oil is generally higher than that of gasoline engine oil. For example, the viscosity grade of 15W/40 is widely used in diesel engine oil. The relationship between additive chemistry and performance The role of additives is to improve the performance of the base oil. The application of 5 types of base oils puts forward higher requirements for single-component additives and formulation technology based on their interaction.

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