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A Brief Analysis of the Application and Technology Development of Automotive Relays

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Automobile relay refers to the relay that is specially used in the control of automobile electrical appliances. It is developed with the development of automobile electronics and electrical products. The automotive industry is the second largest application market for relays after the communications industry. The sales of automotive relays account for approximately 18.4 of the total sales of relays.

With the development of electronic technology, the number of electronic equipment used in modern automobiles has been increasing, and the electromagnetic environment has become more complicated. This requires electromagnetic relays to have good electromagnetic compatibility in this environment. It includes two aspects: Since 2000, due to the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive relays has risen sharply, relay manufacturers have sprung up, and huge market opportunities have attracted princes from all over the country to seize the market. According to incomplete statistics, China’s domestic automotive relay manufacturers have reached more than 110. During the period of ups and downs, ups and downs, we cannot help asking whether the market pattern has changed in the course of competition.

For this reason, we must make full use of the favorable policy environment and seek new breakthroughs from the following aspects: in the crisis, we rely on patented products to occupy the market, and in adversity, we must use intellectual property to win business opportunities. Aiming at the target and expanding the market. Vigorously adjust the product structure and promote the adjustment of industries and industries. Strengthen independent innovation capabilities and cultivate core competitiveness.

In a word, only in the concept of **, can we win the opportunity; only in the talents, can we win the technology; only in the technology, can we win the market; only in the market, can we win the vitality. Recognizing the situation, working hard to adjust the structure, and actively responding to the international financial crisis, the automotive relay industry will surely make a breakthrough.

Automotive relays are widely used to control car starting, preheating, air conditioning, lights, wipers, electronic injection, fuel pumps, anti-theft, audio, navigation, electric fans, cooling fans, electric doors and windows, airbags, anti-lock brakes, suspensions In control and automotive electronic instrumentation and fault diagnosis systems, it is one of the most automotive electronic components second only to sensors in automotive applications. In terms of future market applications, the development of automotive power systems from 14V to 42V and the development of new electric vehicles and dual-power vehicles have opened up new market opportunities for the application of relays in the automotive field.

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